Helicopter flight is now possible with the H135

if this is true then a team of freeware developers has a H -135 before MSFS could say boo!

A team of developers whom had nothing has achieved something that for so long we were told would be nothing but hard and needed extensive research and development and time … BOOM and …

“And then along came Jones
Tall, thin Jones
Slow-walkin’ Jones
Slow-talkin’ Jones
Along came lonely, lanky Jones”

Thanks Media Hype our Chppper Hero!


This will open a few mouths in awe!

Not for me though as I think helicopters only exist to kill me as fast as possible!

Can’t wait to see how this pans out.


Get VR makes flying choppers much easier!


Actually I think I might know why I have such difficulty. You see, I’m really interested in crop circles and such things. I’ve found the easiest way to make them, in theory anyway, is to fly the chopper upside down and use the rotors to cut the perfect circle in the cornfield. It’s then I crash and burn.

I wonder if I’m doing summat wrong?



I wouldn’t get my hopes up. First of all helicopter flight model is not supported, so it won’t be even close to realistic. Secondly - it looks horrible. If they show the cockpit only at night and it already looks very bad, you know not to expect much.

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The only reason to fly helicopters are the unique flight characteristics: hovering, turning on a dime, flying sideways and backwards, descending/ascending on the spot. And all that with believable flight dynamics/physics.

Somehow I doubt that will be possible with this. Of course, I might be wrong.

To be fair, this is probably a very early version and they may be focusing on the underlying tech over the visuals, since the look is easily changed but it’s pointless to waste time on that if the mechanics don’t work properly (which should always come first), so I’m sure the visuals will improve or other clever devs use the underlying mechanics to make good looking helicopters :slight_smile: .

I agree it’s probably setting up for dissapointment to expect too much but I love that people are trying things like this just to see if it can be done, just means more content for the rest of us :smiley:


If it works, why stop?



Oh wait a minute, isn’t there something about explosions, and help help save me, in that little tune as well?

Choplifter! Loved that in the arcade.

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He’s using the A320’s flight conputer… smh

No that takes a lot of skill like the pilots that make chem trails Heheh!

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Well my view is that something is better than nothing and it will inspire others and maybe the DEVS. I look back at the guys at Flyinside that developed the VR add on for FSX , P3d and X Plane because within 12 months the base sims included VR .

Even if it’s half realistic I’ll be pleased as it beats trying to fly slow in a fixed wing to enjoy low and slow flight.

If it reaches FSX standard ( very low) I can live with that as a stopgap until Asobo get their ■■■■ into gear.


You forgot the crane :smiley:

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I think its the corn. Maybe try another crop, to see if it works out there.

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Good on ya Gents.You have to start somewhere and you are starting somewhere.That’s before MSFS as well.Regardless of what it will be like I will 100% welcome this till something better comes along but I reckon this will only get better the more we all work at it.Cheers.


I just discovered the H135 in MSFS, it is a lot of fun in VR !
I am used to fly the H135 v5 from Rotorsim in X-plane which can’t compare…
The MSFS H135 from Media Hype Train is stable like a cinema drone, it is very beginner friendly.
I made a video with my Quest 2 to show what it looks like in VR:


Not for me… I once heard a description of rotaries, that seems to fit. “1,000 bits of metal fatigue rotating around an oil leak”

Only flown in a helicopter once. Enstrom Shark I think.Tried a bit of hovering but we then had an engine failure and had to leave it at the far end of the airfield. Not since.


Nonsence. My dad flown helicopters for over 25 years on the most volatile and dangerous conditions in the world, the Amazon florest. Operating on tiny openings in florest, unholly heat and humidity.
So, no. that description are silly.

I think you missed the point buddy we are talking about a helicopter model in MSFS not real life.