Helicopters 300 hours in the mini 500

Just trying to encourage anyone who wants to fly whirlybirds to stick with it.
Like most people I found helicopters quite challenging with a steep learning curve at the start but I stuck with it. Then I tried the got friends mini 500 and I was hooked an absolute joy to fly, stable but very manoeuvrable. After 300 hours in the cockpit I’m still learning and still loving it.


Helicopters are fun. They will never be easy. Every landing is a challenge.

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They are certainly a challenge I found the first 50 hours a challenge (but I’m a slow learner lol) but keep practicing. Surprisingly having a joystick where you can add an extension tube (I use a 100mm one) makes the biggest difference it makes small inputs a lot easier. And flying in VR gives the more immersive experience.

The video I recorded in VR and plan more to follow, I’m planning flight that highlight those airstrip gems in this sim.


I just purchased the Mini 500! Am I able to change or customize the color scheme or was I supposed to do that before I bought it?

Congratulations on your 300+ hours. I’m very excited to get flying!!

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