Helicopters are a must / Talk about your development plans

The community passionate about helicopter flying was depressed by the starting date for the development of helicopters (2022-2023). 2-3 years is a lot of time, an awful lot of time.

Will it start development in 2021, will users get beta access?

Will the helicopters be released permanently in 2022?

Why don’t you consider the presence of helicopters in the simulator important?

The community is increasingly missing helicopters. Votes on a wish list are growing at a rapid pace.

Please talk about your plans for helicopter development.

What helicopter manufacturing partners do you want to involve in the development?

How many helicopters do you plan to introduce to the simulator?

Thank you for your answer in advance

I am also looking forward to helicopters. The sim is a helicopter nerd’s dream, with the photogrammetry and the Bing imagery. But they need to optimize the FPS when flying low, otherwise it will be unplayable


I hope these questions will be answered soon.
So vote for them :+1:t2: :helicopter:

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I would be happy if the developer informs the community about the start of the development, details.

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I’d hate to see dev time put toward helo development. Helicopters have never, and I truly mean never, been implemented in any sim to date, in a believable manner. They are at best the flight sim version of the video game Grand Prix Legends. For those not familiar, GPL is a racing game, whose physics was not based in fact, and was extremely difficult to master. Helicopters are the same animal. Look at X-Plane with it’s supposed great flight model. If you even think about VRS, it happens, and standard recovery maneuvers are useless.

I can fly the helos in XP. Is it realistic? Of course not. It’s hard for the sake of hard, like GPL. If helicopters were as unstable, and on the ragged edge, like ALL flight sims to date would have you believe, then R22’s and R44’s would be raining from the sky filled with solo student pilots. :sweat_smile:

I personally think that helos should be shelved for a couple of years.

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yes… start with a Mil Mi-26… :drooling_face:

My view is that helicopters are indeed essential and need to be developed. I don’t care about boring airplanes, stupid taxiways, autopilot, and other airplane problems in the simulator.

Flight is not just about passenger planes. The role of helicopters is prominent in flight. Law enforcement duties, rescue duties, agricultural duties, firefighting duties, etc …

Summary: The presence of helicopters is very important. I want them to start development.


They most certainly have been implemented in a sim and accurately too, in XP. Vortex Ring State and settling with power are simulated (I experienced both) and flight dynamics are rather good. Here is a simple fact for you. An XP helicopter pilot learnt how to fly Helis in XP. On his very first real Helicopter flight his instructor allowed him to land the Heli by himself with the instructor having no control input whatsoever, that’s how accurate the XP heli simulation is and how accomplished a pilot he had become using nothing but X-Plane.


The 2019 Navigraph survey revealed that about 2% of flight simulator users fly helicopters most of the time, and that number only jumps to 5% if you expand it to most of the time or frequently.

Summary: I’d hate to see Asobo re-direct resources to something less than 5% of the community wants. There are more pressing issues.


You really think VRS is implemented well in XP? I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

Hopefully Helicopters are far down the list of being implemented. This game has so much work yet to be done in so many other areas. At some point they might find time to add one to the game. At present I don’t expect to see anything.
I have to agree with some of the other posts above that flying a helicopter in a computer game isn’t much different then using a drone cam. It just isn’t replicated from real life very well.

Leave this forum topic. Don’t spoil the interests of people who like to fly by helicopter.

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XP is regarded by helisimmer.com as the most accurate helicopter consumer simulator that is avilable, in fact they describe it as a dream sim for the heli community, the downside being the weak scenery. As I said, there is a real world example of somebody who learnt to fly Helis in XP.

The helicopter community is looking forward to the implementation of helis because FS with its very capable scenery, lighting and weather systems has a lot of potential. Clearly you are not interested but since you are or will be well catered for with fixed wing I dont see why you and others should begrudge the sim evolving to cater for those of us who prefer a different form of flying.

And pete1961 comparisons between a drone and a helicopter don’t stand up to scrutiny, helis are far more difficult and challenging to fly and a lot more fun too.


It’s not about being interested, like I said, I fly helos in XPlane. It’s about the early stages of MFS. Helos, to even be introduced at the abysmal level of XP, will take a lot of effort away from the current push to make the base sim improved for everyone.

Leave this discussion? My opinion is just as important as yours, it’s just on the opposite side of the fence. Show a little respect please.

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What makes you think that it takes anything away from other areas of development within the sim? Its highly likely that they have different teams with different skill sets and differing roles within the company and are working on areas of the sim that best suits them. This is a simplistic argument that keeps coming up, stop doing that then they can spend more hours doing this, its probably not that simple.

As for your negative views on XP and helis within it, that is not the opinion shared by the helisim community. Its not hard for the sake of hard, its more difficult than fixed wing because like it or not Helis are difficult to fly just as they are in real life. Having no feel through the seat of your pants does make them more difficult than the real thing too but like anything it just takes practice.

Having proper controls makes a massive difference too and in particular a decent collective and cyclic control, something very few simmers that try helis have. If you do not have them you could get a decent collective control or make one along with a decent extended joystick for the cyclic and decent pedals if you really want to fly properly, not those cheap slide type things either that are next to useless for fine control, something decent like the TPRs. Armed with a decent set of controls you will find helis fly very well in XP and its much easier. If you still find it hard, perhaps Helis are just not your thing.

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They still needs to work on the current delivered airplanes (that we paid) and the flight model.

So I hope that the teams dedicated to these tasks are focus on this for now.

Agreed, we all want to see improvements to the sim where its falling short.

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Agreed. Work on the basics, then add in the nice to haves IMHO.

More than 100 people are working on the development of the simulator. The development of a new platform does not prevent the improvement of existing options.

Helicopters are very important, many of us want to see them in the simulator already. The visual world is wonderful, it would be good to fly low, admire the landscape and cities.


We received an answer to a question. My guess is that the developer has absolutely no intention of adding helicopters to the simulator.

Thanks to the developer for a lot of crediting, false information!