Helicopters are a must

Exactly. So while I also want helicopters to be in the sim as soon as possible, I am more concerned about their quality. We may not have a second chance to make this work.

Microsoft needs to do an excellent job right on the release. It won’t be perfect, and we know that. It’s software development after all (trust me, nothing ever goes the way we plan it).

But it has to be good. We should not accept anything less. But that may require us to be patient as they do their stuff.

I’m not saying we should let it be postponed forever. But we need to give them the time to do it properly. And help them, of course.


Dear Medevac71!

It was a very good idea to share the forum in the EC 135 development group on the download page. I want to thank you for the good idea! More and more people are registering on the forum and voting …

Imagine that more than 71,000 test helicopters are downloaded, what a big number this is … This test EC135 helicopter is still very far from the helicopter, but the interest is also very high …


Very, very many people are waiting for the helicopters in the simulator! It is very important for the developer to see the people and community interested in the large number of helicopters!

Seeing the interest, the developer can feel that it is very important to develop and prepare the appropriate physics and flight dynamics.


eager to test and fly many cities with some helis!

Come on microsoft make happy your clients!

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Does any body know when ASOBO will include a helicopter for the sim ? Man , I miss that Bell 206 from FSX . 14 years ago Microsoft could make helicopters for FSX . 14 years later and up till now For some reason ASOBO still don’t have any helicopter for the sim .

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Yes but that that’s Asobo wish list ,theses guys are professional coders and they have build their own chopper independent of Asobo/MS and it is very good work ,so much so that I haven’t flown fixed wing for a month now.
As i said before they are putting out updates almost HOURLY not monthly like Asobo/MS
Also dont forget Flyinside will be launching their Bell 47 for MSFS 2020 by the end of April ,if not before.

and hard, realistic looking helipads - on buildings and wherever they appear in a scenery. AFCAD (I have no idea what they are called in this sim) should only make them work for aircraft designated as helicopters, to prevent AI planes setting up there.

yes… but what he want to say is: many many people are interessted for choopers.

And in case there are “only” 5000 for these single Heli type, the developers know that the work on it, will later on also pay’d for.

Beside of this is near 1000 votes in the forum currently number four :slight_smile:


Yeah. It’s a big community and more are coming. Microsoft is aware of that as well.

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Dom Sergio! Good to see you here and hear your proactive voice.

I’m hoping clever designers, free and payware, start turning those building top helipads into hard surfaces, in fact all those helipad surfaces need tender loving care - the fire station and heliport at Van Nuys, LA Children’s Hospital, DTLA, to name my few…

I guess I’ll start by telling all the folks I buy scenery from to get on their helo horses…


Hey, buddy!

I’m lurking around, yes. You know I’m more of a guy that works in the shadows. There are some interesting things moving in the background. We should have some news soon.

Fortunately, we already have hardened/collidable buildings and trees, which makes everything a lot more interesting. We do need helipads to be proper helipads.

But that’s something Microsoft wants to do it from the get-go. Part of bringing helicopters to the sim includes adding all helipads in the world.


Music to my ears, Sir!

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I need one… How much, where?

That thing is quite pricy but worth the money if you are an enthusiast sim helicopter pilot …

You can order it from the producers (which I did)

or try to find it at reseller shops

You may also be lucky enough to find a ‘preowned device’ in the depths of the internet …


That’s an amazing kit. I have one and it’s just fantastic. We have a review on HeliSimmer.com made by a US Army Instructor PIlot in case someone’s interested in checking it out.


Thanks!!! I’ll Look into it

I used to make a video of the Bell 407 helicopter made by the Németh Brothers. Amazing model.


Love the 407!! I have the Dreamfoil one for XP-11… Am not sure how realistic is the flight model, but absolutely love the way it handles! Movements are crisp and such a joy to fly especially doing city sightseeing at dusk/nights