Helicopters are a must

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Would be a wonderful addition to the variety of aircraft types.

100% agree!

I can’t wait for helicopters to be properly supported by Asobo but I have a feeling they need to figure out why the photogametry looks melted when flying at low altitude. The more people who are flying around in heli’s the more people are going to be aware of how poor some of the scenery is. For example, in Toronto, when you fly along the waterfront buildings like the Toronto Police Marine Unit and the boats outside are completely melted like puddy. You don’t notice these things at higher altitudes.

I wonder when the start of helicopter development will be announced, when the developer will honor us to talk about the plans. The development of helicopters needs to start now in order to be released next year. FlyInside’s small development team has created an amazing model with real helicopter flight physics and dynamics. I don’t understand why Asobo with hundreds of developers isn’t able to make helicopters, dynamics, physics? A small team did a perfect job from scratch. Is a big developer wasting time? How it is?

how much does thermals, up&down drafts play a role for helicopters? I would really like to know if it has a similar big impact like with airplanes?

There is different quality levels in photogammetry. You should try Milano, it was quite good. Or maybe it was because raining? I should visit there when weather is better. Others have said good about Venice.

In my opinion London with landmarks is suffient too. OrbX Innsbruck was little disappointment but I found free mod which will add there some helipads.

read that, it could help you understanding (sorry, it’s in french). that point precisely : vol de pente
" Slope flight

Operating on an uphill slope increases flight safety, normally no where very little turbulence, less power required for flight, faster altitude gain and fuel economy.

Watching raptors is the best way to find the upward sunny slopes. Watch out for cables!

Always approach a slope at a maximum angle of 45 ° to keep clearance. Monitor the anemometer because the ground scroll is greater."


Yes! Enough said…simply…YES!

I think once the simulator supports helicopters we will be flooded with helicopters from third party developers. This sim, with its incredible breathtaking scenery and forward-looking techniques, and perhaps most importantly, their targeting of a wider audience, will bring many, many developers to rotary wings. I think and hope that most of us will have our favorite models in the sim.
Look at the amount of addons after not even a year, that are now available for MSFS.

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Could. Not. Possibly. Agree. More!!!

Mission dynamics would be nice future horizon. I want a skycrane or a KMAX with a Bimmy bucket to put out some fires. I will buy more cores for this! - Not a game, but a real Flight sim model with activities.

I would love to fly helicopters like the r22 and the r44

It would be time to inform the helicopter community. The developer has begun preparing the helicopters? We are entering the first half of 2021. It would be nice to see a detailed schedule for helicopters …

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After having contributed to the H135 project for some time, I also would like to leave my “+1” for helicopters here as well.

But actually…I would rather see a general SDK Update to support overall vertical flight development,, not just helicopters which should include:

1.) Any sort of downwash effects (brownout, whiteout etc.)
2.) A modification of the windshield rain, so that you can consider downwash. Animated UVs would be nice if that’s not natively possible.
3.) A proper, generic rotor modell, also capable of Autorotation
4.) Swashplate templates
5.) Variable rotor configurations (Conventionional, coaxial, Flettner style etc.)
6.) Debug Visualizations per rotor disc (local speeds, pitch angles, inflow, thrust, torque)
7.) Flow interaction with the environment
8.) Mixed configurations (Wing + Rotors) and Tilt Rotors
9.) Variable propulsion (batteries + electric motors, turboshaft or internal combustion engines)
10.) Support for non-driven rotors (Gyrocopter)

Besided that, a couple of enhancements of ground scenery would help:
11.) Actual power lines between the poles.
12.) Keeping streets and water leveled if possible

Looking forward to official choppers in MSFS :v:


I totally agree with you. By the way, in the last developer Q&A Jörg Neumann mentioned that they are looking for long term partners for the helicopter development.

Check this link if you want to hear it by yourself:

(Timestamp: 48:48)

Then we can only hope that they will quickly find a good partner for development.
How about FRASCA helicopter simulation :grin: :helicopter:

only if they offer the simulator to each owner of MSFS who wants to pilot a helicopter :rofl:

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It’s almost halfway through 2021, and we’re just now looking for partner development? 2022 is a pipe dream for heli flying in MSFS, but I digress…

@AsoboPM , JUST HIRE THESE GUYS: http://www.dodosim.com/
Email: support@dodsim.com
Not sure if they’re looking for partnership, but dang please reach out to them already! At least maybe they can offer technical guidance or consultation for helis.

Willing to bet any heli simmer worth their weight in the past 10 years would know the Dodosim team well. Dodosim took practically ALL the fundamentals of helicopter flight into consideration, and applied them to an otherwise unusable (read: totally unrealistic) flight model from FSX. The result was heli simmer gold. On top of nice models, sounds, and realism (ah, there you are, force trim), Dodsim specifically addressed things like:

Effective translational lift
Torque-Induced Yaw
Transverse Flow Effect
Flap Back
Translating Tendency
Dissymmetry of Lift
Induced Flow Rotor RPM modulation
Rotor Droop
Vortex Ring State
Loss of Tail Rotor Effectiveness
Retreating Blade Stall
Tail wind effect on Horizontal Stabilizer

They did it right; the Bell206 was every bit as realistic as it could be in FSX, because of these guys. I’m all for partner development, nothing wrong with taking things to the pros if you want a superior product. And maybe with their experience, they can move the heli release timeline up a bit? I think that’s all we could ask for at this point in the game.

Thanks and let’s hope we see a heli (or two) pop up sooner than later!


I think they are looking for real life helicopter manufacteurs, as they did it with fixed wings.
But maybe because helicopters are much more complex in its flight behavior compared to fixed wings they’re also looking for „simulator partners“.
In this case also the guys who developed the DCS choppers would be great at least, this from the Mi-8, Huey and KA-50.
I’m excited how helicopters will feel in MSFS (with the official support from Asobo, Microsoft).
I like the smooth DSC feeling but MSFS is another sim so we will see. :smiley::helicopter: