Helicopters are a must

Sorry if this has been shared already in this thread – a few were asking if we’d get to land helicopters anywhere, including tops of skyscrapers, etc. Looks like yes! Microsoft Flight Simulator Devs on the Game’s Future | gamescom 2022 - YouTube


Helicopters will be available in November. This is very good news! We are looking forward to the physics and flight dynamics of the helicopter. However, there is an important question. The physics and flight dynamics of the helicopter itself are not enough. Helicopters must be able to perform various maneuvers. This makes the helicopter a special structure. Watch the video I attached. Watch the video to see how easily the helicopter flies and what maneuvers and flight combinations it can perform. The helicopter must know these maneuvers, turns, and reverses, and the developer must pay attention to this. In the DCS simulator, the UH 1 helicopter can perform all the maneuvers and turns shown in the video. So far, I haven’t seen a developer video about the special ability of helicopters to fly.

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more intressting for me would be whether / how they can implement Vortex Ring State , Ground effect , Translational Lift , Retreating blade stall and of course also stuff like Auto Rotation etc. …
Also the current Helis in MSFS does’nt realy care about RPM, Torque, etc - you can simple “give full power” ( collective ) - do that in DCS and you are died :rofl: I hope we getting with the time a similar very good simulation of helicopters , so that we can have MSFS as civilian alternative to DCS for flying “real” helicopter.

And then of course all the additional things are necessary, so we can get missions.

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All that was already covered in the Gamescom presentation of helicopters.

Not entirely true. When you overtorque the Bell 47G the engine quits.

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I seen that developer video, but how well it works at the end is the question :wink:

And the B47 is then may be a different one I own - full power and the rpm goes little bit down, thats all. No lost at altitute, nothing ( and yep, in realistic mode ). Just no compare to any of the Helis from DCS. But I also not want compare… only mentioned that for me the most important point is, how these effects works - and MSFS have a hard life, because lots here compare it then with heli-god DCS :slight_smile:

If you add full power you don’t get less RPM. That happens if you add full collective.

You can blow the engine out, though. Disable the governor and give it a try.

Vortex Ring State, Ground Effect, Translational Lift are very important.

However, these characteristics do not make a helicopter a helicopter. The helicopter has an inertia which is very important. It is very important that helicopters can fly different turns and maneuver combinations, which are used in agriculture, police tasks, etc… It would be a big mistake if a developer did not develop the physics and flight dynamics in accordance with the execution of the maneuvers…

Look at the rounds and maneuver combinations:

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thats what I wrote

full power is a “phrase” :wink:

And that engine goes out is not the main thing about I spoke, more like the RPM goes low and I got not trouble to hold the altitute. But again, thats a wish topic where I wanted to mention whats important “for me” and I only mentioned what I missed at the currently available helicopter models ( which are of course without the MSFS heli flight model implementation ). ( I miss this things mainly, because I flew hundreds of hours in DCS and have some expectations in mind )

it make it, to 100%… without that you get the up-down-left-right playtoys…

But yes, I know your point… of course we need all the other flight characteristics , a good qualitiy of modelling, etc. I told nothing against that :slight_smile:

Got it. Hopefully we will eventually get a great flight model. I don’t expect it to be perfect on the first release, though. But I hope it will be a good start.


The helicopters will arrive in three weeks.


why you mention that… it is soooo long time :laughing:



We’re almost there :slight_smile:

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I really hope they didn’t forget to add a force trim feature to relieve the necessity for constant pressure on the stick/cyclic. The way the Dodosim Jet Ranger 206 handled it in FSX was perfect: hold the button, center the stick, let go of the button: trimmed!

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Although that feature might not be available on the associated RL helicopter, it is one that makes flying a little more user-friendly, for peeps that don’t crave the ultimate level of realism.

For example this feature was provided, as an option, for the FlyInside Bell 47G, and was very well received.

Unless we use the exact same controls as the real aircraft the ultimate level of realism isn’t present anyway. :wink:

I would love to see the Bell 525 Relentless as an added helo as well. She’s sooooooooooooo beautiful

So would you want force trim on aircraft that don’t have it in RL or not? :wink:

Yes, because real helicopters don’t have strong springs that push against your hand the whole time.


ah, I find that a joystick extension solves that pretty well.

As the actress said to the bishop. :slight_smile: