Helicopters are hard

Any one able to last longer then 4 seconds in the air with a helicopter it always loses control right after take off


Sounds awful for the casual player. Very sad to see they’ve done this on their 40th celebration!

Ever flown a Fling-Wing in real life?
Most challenging thing I’ve ever done.
Wouldn’t expect less from MSFS.

Just sayin’


? the new guimbal ? at first I thought: OMG what they did, its easy and not a helicopter. But then I noticed the assistence options are per default on, thus I disabled all of that. But also then is the new guimbal very easy to fly.

PS: try a e.g. B-47 :wink:

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you just need the right mix of rudders, collective, cyclic, and throttle and you’ll be in the air in no time.


It’s a simulation & helicopters require a fair amount of practice to get the hang of. Hearing that they’re hard is brilliant news. Though i do question why gilders have 7 tutorials & helicopters have none. Bit odd.


Yeah, it was the first thing I looked for as I was quite excited about this but have no idea where to start. There’ll be loads of tutorials up on YT within the week I imagine, I can wait.


Asobo should include tutorials for helicopters in the simulator.


When you are new to flying helicopters they are hard. It can take some considerable practise for things to start falling into place but you should find plenty of Youtube videos already that will give you a head start, head over to Helisimmer.com for a kick off.

I have only just updated MSFS so have not had chance to try any new aircraft but really keen to see how well they have implemented helicopters. I might even have a crack at providing some online-in-sim pointers.


Wait for Sergio’s stream on Tuesday.


Your are sad that helicopters fly like helicopters in a Flight Simulator?

With the cylic and rudder assistances enabled it’s super easy. The only way to make it more casual is to make them fly like the Volocopter or all on their own without any player input. Please try it first before you say stuff like that.


No Problem with both of the new ingame heli. I have enough experience with the H145 and yeah, it is more challenging than to fly a fixed wing aircraft. So training is all about.


if you don’t want a simulator go fly them in gta


i mean…what did you expect?


Helicopters are for the real men :wink:

It is much harder to fly a helicopter.
You need smooth and gentle inputs.
I have not checked if there are several helpers, if there are, ENABLE them for the beginning.

There are. With rudder assistance Enabled you don’t even have to counter rotor torque. At first I was shocked how easy it was, because the assistances were enabled by default. “Oh no, what have they done?” I thought to myself. But then I found the assistance features and switched them off. Much better! I like the flight model of the 407. Feels very smooth and precise, yet organic. Pretty good, compared to the Dodosim 206 for FSX.


We definitely recommend https://www.helisimmer.com/ for learning helicopters! We will have Sergio from Helisimmer also joining us next Tuesday on stream to go over the basics. :slight_smile:


That’s nice to read.
As we have a community flight tomorrow in the DC-3 I need to concentrate on this ol’ Lady for the moment.
Helis are on the ToDo List for sunday morning.

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Perfect title. My first thought after trying hard.

After 10 min. I got seasick.

Here is a little test flight with the Guimbal. Assistances off. As you can see there is nothing sad about it. My landing was a bit rough though… I came in too high and fast got myself into a little Vortex Ring State situation before stabilizing and plonking down a little too hard. My landing before that, without the cameras rolling was super smooth and right on the H of the helipad.

If I can do it, anyone can. :wink: