Helicopters pitching up? Weird behavior in the Cabri G2

Hi ladies and gents,

I known helicopters are a different beast and require somewhat of a different control setup and keybinds than aircraft but I’m seeing behavior that I don’t think is related to control setup.

I’m doing the Cabri G2 flight around New York just to get a feel for flight physics. All controls are basically default, assists are off aside from tail rotor.

I press increase throttle on my controller and the aircraft lifts off, I hold max forward stick pressure and the helicopter tilts forward and starts picking up airspeed, and then every single time it’ll randomly pitch up like it’s trying to slow itself to auto hover and will eventually recover. It doesn’t matter how much forward pressure I maintain on the stick.

Every time I try, forward stick, helicopter leans forward gains airspeed, max forward stick and the helicopter will eventually pitch up and settle near 0 knots again.

Thank you

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Has anyone else experienced this behavior by chance?

Yes. Helicopters need improving. The G2 pitches up to a near vertical pitch during flight, for reasons I do not know. It makes landings very difficult, shy of slamming it into the ground.

I think they may of been going after retreating blade stall, which occurs on helicopters as they go into higher speed. The retreating blade where the stall occurs, then reacts 90 degrees later, as an effect of gyroscopic procession. It then effects the aircraft as to feel like your pulling back on the cyclic to slow it down. But feels different in sim with the cyclic on this ship….

It just seems to occur at a pretty low speed, I would of thought that this helicopter would be faster than an R22, but seems slow like a Huges/ Schweitzer 300.

I see one of those buzzing around at my home airport, but never talked to them, but it seems pretty speedy, maybe its just its look, and sound of the fenestron tail. I have not flown one, so not on expert on that helicopter.

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I would be inclined to check for any controller conflicts and consider making new controller profiles specifically for use with helicopters and assign the axis and other hardware buttons to your own liking. E.g. if you have a yoke and stick connected create a profile for the yoke and remove any axis assignments from it so it cannot create a conflict with the joystick inputs.

Sounds more like user error( nothing personal ) needing more practice and learning. Helicopters are not easy learn and require practice and patience.

Best analogy I’ve ever read.
Flying heli’s is like centering a marble on a sheet glass, while riding a donkey.

But also check support, known issues, helicopter.
Some may have to reset modern flight mode for heli’s.

Support link can be found at the top of the forum page.

Yes. Here. Same. Pitches straight up then stall’s. Or I’ll keep the nose somewhat up for level flight and then it hangs there despite my input and then drop off about 5 seconds later, straight down. Bizzare.

Forgot to mention. Watch “Overkill” helicopter stick mapping on Youtube. Apparently there is also a mod on the flightsimulator.to site for progressive helicopter control …not sure the name but its linked in the description for his video.