I cannot wait to land in confined areas!
The stunning work put into the recreation of the world begs to be explored by helicopter.

I think most current private & commercial heli pilots have experience with either a Robinson R22 or a Schweizer 300 from their early/intro days.
Simple recip machines either governed or with a correlator would be a good place to start. All of us rotorheads can feel like were just about to solo again for a minute.


I wish helicopters were added


Helis are my number 2. VR is my number 1. Helicopters way easier to fly in VR. And would love a Hughes 500D

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i just want my AH-1W again

among the other birds i had for FSX:

UH-1N and Y, OH-58D, AH-1S and Z, the “Avatar-movie” SA-2 Samson, CH-53E, AH-64A and D, S-64 Skycrane and the O/M V-22

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Definitely … as mentioned before

  • JetRanger
  • H135/H145
  • R44
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hey just a FYI:

no linking of the old stuff into public view

U R absolutely right .

Same wish list here.

#3 is more VFR landmarks like power lines, maybe fences etc

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Hughes 500D would be really nice

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Hey Asobo, I feel like extremely ready for Helicopters now, fantastic environmental work!

I hope for a smart choice of models to avoid disappointment .
You proved to do smart choices with fixed wing, so i am confident.

all experimentals are risky, i’d go for mainstream hits just like in real life.

Some proposals that cover the best segments:

Bell429, UH-60M/SH-70, MD-500D, H145, EC120

Please don’t forget to create a downwash animation, for soil and wet.

Be aware: Expectations are high, don’t come with fly-by-wire VIP helis initially, as they do not
reflect the kind of flying users look for. It must be an agile powerful multi-operable type of helicopter
that needs an understanding of multi-axes, not a linear A-B sky bus.

Also, consider the attachments, e.g. an Aircraft carrier (F, US, UK), Roof ports (from L.A. to HongKong).

i also hope you add a Pilot model ON/OFF function to see the legs bound to pedals and stick, Pilot in command has no head so that campoint works.

Thanks for listening.

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they don’t get AH-64 data, so why you ask for fictional things.

just realized that the range of vegetation types is little yet.
i hope Asobo can work on a bigger variety including the color aspect so that the landscape does not keep that one-type colour scheme around the globe. Hawaii is extremely green-yellow-blue (less brown touch).

And the most important thing for low altitude VFR-flyers: Palmtrees.
they are not implemented yet from what i learned flying along California, Florida and Hawaii.
Photogrammetry has brought us high tarmac bricks where there should be palmtrees.
It may require some manual placements on some exposed places (thinking of palms along roads,
use san diego downtown to airport road as key example).

Please consider moving objects, heli-flying produces a powerful downwash that shocks trees and grass and sand and water. There is animation techniques for such, which you know better than the
rest of us, would be fantastic seeing them in FS.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

so how did FSX and even FS2004 get them? only key systems, such as Longbow MMW RADAR specs and specific data is still classified on the AH-64, flight perf and dynamics is public data.

Engines: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Electric_T700

Declassified Flight Data: https://publicintelligence.net/us-army-apache-longbow-ah-64d-attack-helicopter-operators-manual/

^ ^ ^ ^ Thats everything you need to make a accurate AH-64, so, fictional request? i think not.

fictional request to you maybe, but to those who know how to find these things and make the aircraft in the sim, nope.

Excuse me? okay lets walk back here, requests are requests no matter how illogical or unintelligent they may seem.

ive already debunked your AH-64 claim as fictional, but, pardon me, you need to check your attitude towards others concerning what is a “intelligent request” .


Honestly with the world they created, I’m shocked they didn’t roll helicopters right out of the gate. Based on the product I’m seeing, I think the poor developers were made to push an unfinished product because the checkbook behind the project wanted to capitalize on world wide lock downs.

And I dream about a Dodosim level addon like the 206, it was the best in FSX and FS9.

because of the entirely new simulation of the airflow models, it would have undoubtedly prolonged the release of the sim by god knows how long to develop the model for helicopters.

the transition from FSX’s model to this entirely new system that uses thousands of points of data simulation, creating a model for helicopters would be just as complex if not even more complex simply from aerodynamic differences between fixed wing and rotor wing aviation.

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