Help A320 (FBW) set direct

Is there an event to set direct (to a way point) in c#?

this is the Holy Grail for me at the moment… would simplify some of the complex flight plans in the MCDU.

Use the DIR button on the mcdu then select the way point or type it in. Then the aircraft will fly direct

sorry if I wasn’t clear, in the SDK simconnect (in c#) how do I set a direct waypoint

All of the flight plan logic and state for the FMC is accomplished via javascript, which does not have any way of interacting with it via simconnect. You would need to modify the A32NX source code to add websocket functionality to interact with features outside of the sim.

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thanks … can you point me to an example programming to make an entry into the A32NX websocket programming … I’m very experienced with C C# javascript programming , just need a guide to A32NX source code

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