Help configuring Inibuilds Airbus A310 with the Honeycomb Bravo quadrant

As the topic heading suggests I am finding it impossible to configure the Honeycomb Bravo to the newly released A310. The reverse axis seems to be stuck in the middle of the throttle axis. Can anyone please help me with this issue?

I really wish to fly the A310

Calibrate it within Settings in the tablet to your left.

Thought HC had special Airbus levers available, they did when I owned one, but never fly AB planes. If it aint Boeing, aint going. I had HC, sold it, took up way to much desk space and had to change levers all the time between 2/4 engine jets, got tired of that.

Love my Virpil VFX grip and my TM-3 Throttle, thinking about the new landing gear box, but not real hard, also the ace pedals, again not too hard, as only need pedals for taxing, and brakes, so not real huge on my radar now.

Curious if anyone has managed to get the Bravo Autopilot controls to work with the A310?


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