[Help] error "Packagetoolconfig version to low"

Hey everyone, I have been trying to work on a few airports, nothing special just trying to learn things but can seem to open the project up after saving it. I keep getting this error:

PackageToolConfig version is too low in file \MyFSProjects\MWCR\PackageSources\data\MWCR_arp.xml (got 0, expected 2). Please update the XML file to correct version

Yes I have downloaded the latest version… I believe anyway.
Any help is much appreciated.

Hey there, I have the same problem.

Started an airport from scratch, following one of the tutorials. After placing the runway, I saved the project. All seemed fine. I tinkered on, adding taxiways when the simulator crashed.

After reloading I get that same error. How am I supposed to update the XML file?

I guess I will have to start over…

I might have found the solution. Sometimes the editor, when trying to open a project, goes to the PackageDefinitions folder instead of the main project folder in which it is located. So, I was opening the wrong .xml file. Go up one folder and open the original project .xml, not the scenery .xml in the folders below. It also helps to give the scenery xmls a slightly different name, like an added “01” or similar to the original name.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you, I hit this today!

Thanks I will give this a shot.

Unfortunately, this fix didn’t seem to work for me :confused:

I followed this: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_Up4sAmkCfXIOqIRzS9OpQEJRyW-rnoq tutorial and it worked for me. However I am now having the issue of jetways not working and other things.

Any new updates on this?
I’m still having this issue. Thanks.

Highly recommend following the videos I shared. Building the file outside of the game fixed my issues.