Help for a newb

Hello! I am new to this version of MSFS and I’m on an Xbox Series S. I played it last night and I have a couple of questions.

  1. Am I supposed to be able to communicate with ATC or is it strictly AI? Is there a multiplayer option to take control of ATC

  2. When approaching for a landing there doesn’t seem to be an option to request a landing.

  3. Can pilots talk to other pilots who are nearby?

Thanks for any help!

1 Yes, AI only

2 Tune to “nearest airport/the one you want” request full stop landing

3 No

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Thanks so much. I’ve watched YouTube videos where dudes were in the ATC so I didn’t know if that was a PC only thing.

Real ATC would be VATSIM where people duplicate real world conditions.

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Thats Vatsim on PC.

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This is what I watched. Seems fun.

You can communicate with players around you but only if you prearrange the flight and only if you use a third party communications app like Discord.

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Tricky, I don’t think Xbox has a Discord app… :thinking:

Xbox has a built in communication service, if you see someone you want to talk to you can do so trough the xbox as long as you know their gamertag.