Help for having the sim run itself as much as possible with AI Control

First I want to say this is my first flight sim, and I suspect some of you guys will be going ‘why on earth…’ by the end my topic here.

So I really love how this game looks, and I love that it’s a 1:1 map of the world with all the various airports. I’ve been playing the game picking random locations to fly at and just watching everything go on my laptop while I am doing work from home. Essentially spinning a globe, picking a random location and flying to each location while watching the game play itself. It’s super calming, relaxing, and I can have it on while not giving it 100% attention. I loved it so much I actually upgraded my Game Pass version to the Premium one to get all the aircraft.

However I’ll sometimes run into issues where the auto-pilot/AI Control just doesn’t do things correctly in terms of following the flight plans that I never know how to correct. Like the AI will sometimes overshoot a runway and just keep… flying forever, seemingly entirely lost on how to recover itself. I don’t know if there is extra steps I need to do even if AI Control is on or how to get it to attempt to land again. I have a few times needed to take control so it didn’t crash right into a mountain, but that’s few times in between.

Which type of pre-flight flight plan should I be using? What exactly is the difference between them?

Are there any extra tips on how to get the game to essentially play itself? Haha. I’m sure if I keep this level of interest up I might eventually learning how to do everything without AI Control, but for now I’m just seeing what else I can do. =P

If not I can still live with it being silly.

I’m with you 100% on the whole ‘A.I. plays the game’ thing. It’s great - but, as you say, it is prone to errors. I have found that when choosing departure and arrival points on the world map if you zoom in to each so that you can see the runways at each airport and then select not the name of the airports, but points on either end of the runways at each airport, the A.I. more often than not gets its landings correct.

It’s not 100%, and the A.I. overall needs far more work, but it is, from my experience, definitely an improvement. Make sure you have every assist turned on in the options menu and do not interfere with the actual flying of the plane (A.I. gets confused and forgets the flight plan).

I would say, after some 20hrs in-game, I have spent 80% of that time simply choosing destinations and travelling the world as a virtual tourist, courtesy of my A.I. pilot.

Hmm… Suddenly airplanes will not fly correctly at all automatically. They all seem to never accelerate properly and will just eventually drop… I don’t know what happened. :frowning:

Huh, I learned something new after trial and error. I was trying to take off from a high altitude airport (9K feet) with a few smaller prop aircraft and apparently that’s extremely difficult due to the altitude. I’m glad I figured it out. Haha.