Help for total novice

Where do I find information about basic things like using the cameras? Or, what is Slew Mode?

Youtube is what I suggest. Tons of info on there. Or do a search on this forum if you would rather read about it than watch it.

Basically just go to youtube and type in “microsoft flight simulator 2020 xxxxx” X= what you want to search for. For example “microsoft flight simulator 2020 camera settings”. There are actually quite a few videos on the camera modes already. And you can do the same thing for learning how auto pilot works, what the gps does in most of the aircraft and how to use it and even basic flying lessons. And a lot of these how to videos are done by real life pilots if that interests you.


There is also a growing series of Guides here on the Forum. Go to the top drop down “All Categories” and select “Guides”. “New Pilot Help & Guides” has a ton of helpful info …