Help! i can’t activate the status bar!

Brief description of the issue:
In Windows Desktop I can, as usual, display the status bar (or not) using the mouse. Today I am suddenly unable to activate it when using FS 2020. The sim takes over the entire screen. Why do I want to activate the status bar? Because it gives me access to Little Navmap and Flight Control Replay during a flight and makes the experience more satisfying. I notice that the app minimizing and maximizing signs at top right have disappeared too.
I have been using FS 2020 for weeks without this happening before. Very strange!

Launch anything (like Little Nav Map) before launching the sim. Once at Main Menu or in-cockpit, hit ALT-TAB to switch from the sim to the other open application. Note that the mouse pointer may only be active on the Task Bar area (bottom of screen) even though the sim is technically “in background.” So you’ll have to use the Start Button or the Desktop >>> shortcut to the right next to the System Tray to get at other app icons.

Alt-Enter will get you out of full screen mode.

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Silly me! I wrote about Status Bar when I meant Taskbar but you were smart enough to work out my mistake.
All good now, thank you, Guys.
But still the GPWS callouts on landing are silent.