HELP! I loose my hotmail

I lose my hotmail and ALL GONE!
I buy the MSFS Goty Premiun deLuxe & I have xbox gamepass…
Now I loose ALL! No hotmail, no MSFS and no gamepass…
Somebody can help me? Somebody have the same problem on the past?


Log into MS Store.
You still have access to the sim from there.
You will have to reinstall it if the sim was deleted from your PC

I think this may be another “MSFS deleted itself” post

MSFS deleted itself - Bugs & Issues / Install, Performance & Graphics - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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The number order from the premium deluxe version dont works…
Only i can download the standart version…

Anyway… THX! :smirk:

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Contact the MSStore help.
They may be able to give you some advice!

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You will need to contact Xbox Support: