Help installing WT G3000 for TBM

I have been switching back an forth between the stock G3000 and the WT G3000 to see the differences. Suddenly, in both, in map settings in the MFD everything is missing except north up. So I re-downloaded the WT G3000, then extracted to the community folder, which was wrong. So I deleted the extraneous files from the bottom of community and copied the WT G3000 to community. Well, I’ve hosed something because the MFD map settings are still empty except for North up. There is not detail setting etc. which was there before. Rebooted, tried again with same result. Need some advice.


You should just copy the WT3000 folder to your community folder, nothing else needs to be done, but I recommend you use “Add on Linker” program instead, then you get better control of all your add ons.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

If you still have issues installing try this. The WT package is on there by default. Super easy to install it from there: MSFS Community Downloader » Microsoft Flight Simulator

It will by default be installed to the tbm. Hope this helps.

I have the WT G3000 folder inside my custom folder, I use the Add on Linker. I checked the folder but it’s unchecked, tried many times.
Am I doing something wrong??
Thank you