Help me find a thread?

I remember a thread from a while back where someone went into great detail regarding changes in the LOD’s and their performance impact. It was found that there were certain LOD’s where you’d see visual differences, but the LOD’s in between these would have a performance impact with little to no visual difference.

For example, I think if you increased TLOD 150 was one of these key LOD’s. If you went from 150 to 155, the performance would decrease but not see a visual improvement. I think the next visual improvement was 205. If you couldn’t run stable at 205, then it was advisable to run at 150 because anything in between only hurt the performance without any visual improvement.

I may be off on those numbers, but that’s the general idea. I’ve tried to search for that thread, but it’s not coming up in my searches and I don’t remember the exact title of it. Anyone else know of it?

Search for DLOD “Dynamic Level Of Detail” on You Tube. That will give you some good recent information on the subject. I cannot help you with the thread you are looking for though.

Maybe this is it:

Unfortunately no. The thread I’m thinking of was only about the LOD’s.

Sorry then :frowning:

I think I’ve read the thread you mean. I can’t find it or remember any of the numbers except that up to 200 you get big noticeable improvements to both, especially TLoD because you need it set to 200+ to get the highest resolution Bing aerial imagery!

It is definitely diminishing returns past 200/200.

I can however shed some light on why this happens because it is documented in the SDK:

The apparent performance drop without visual increase is because of the way LoDs work in MSFS, if you only increase a LoD by 5 you might not see a perceptible difference because the difference is really small, but the key thing is that the difference is still there!

I wouldn’t worry about that thread or following the advice in it because as stated in my previous paragraph, it doesn’t work like that! There is a difference both visually and performance-wise no matter what you set it or change it to. :slight_smile:

Changing LoD can tank performance rapidly because the LoD distance is the radius of a circle with you at the centre and the area of a circle is calculated by π r^2. So if you double the LoD from 100 to 200, you are rendering 4 times the area (16 times the area if you go from 100 to 400 LoD!).

You could think of this another way, that if you set your LoD high enough, all objects that are at least 1 pixel on-screen will be shown. But setting 4000 LoD vs 400 LoD at 720p probably won’t actually change anything on-screen because if an object is smaller than 1 pixel it won’t be rendered either way. (It’s still not recommended to do this though :crazy_face:

This is why some people can run 900 LoD when bush flying, because if you can run 400, the jump to 900 isn’t as big (especially when playing at 1080p or 1440p) because the distant objects still won’t be shown!

p.s. I know that was a lot of text but if anyone reading has made it this far, you now have a basic understanding of how the MSFS LoD system works :partying_face::+1: