Help me out here please, what am I not getting about these VORs?

Hello everyone,

I tried to triangulate my position using two VORs but I think I’m doing something wrong?

Top VOR is tuned to TJRV’s, Nav2 is tuned to TIST’s.

Any help would be appreciated!


High res: VOR Nav Help - Album on Imgur

I am not quite getting it, the VOR navigation looks legit to me. Considering that on your map, GPS tracking is set to off, it is quite conceivable that your location is off the map…
Need some more context here…

Turns out I got confused at the VOR symbology on the in-game map and thought TJRV had a VOR. I was actually tuned into San Juan’s VORTAC. Correcting for the distance puts in the right spot:

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ah, i get it. Yeah, I also totally thought those symbols represented VORs

Just one further remark: VORs are oriented to magnetic north. I guess the VFR map is oriented to geographic north? So this has to be taken into account when drawing in the radials as you initially did.

STT is a VOR/DME (symbol is a hexagon inside a square - the hexagon is the VOR, and the square is the DME. You’ll find both used separately as well as in combination). When you tune it, you get both direction and distance information.

NRR is a DME (square symbol with no hexagon), so you only get distance information. It’s coupled with a co-located NDB. This suggests there’s probably an NDB-DME approach for that airport, although I don’t see one listed in the default data, NDBs are a less sophisticated form of direction finding . You tune the ADF to its frequency, and the needle points towards it. They’re also shorter range than a VOR (old AM radio technology)