Help me pick my next plane

Having a hard time deciding which plane I want to pick up so looking to the community for guidance and suggestions. Let me go over my preferences:

  • Payware is fine.

  • My main planes are the Fenix A320, PMDG 737-800, and Kodiak 100. I also fool around with the BAe 146 and Vision Jet. I feel pretty confident in the A320, 737, Kodiak and Vision. I love the BAe 146 but I’ve found that dated auto pilot makes it a Hangar Queen for me unless I’m in the mood for a high maintenance plane. ILS and RNAV capabilities a must.

  • I prefer planes with Simbrief support.

  • I gravitate towards “study level” and realism. Good sound and graphics a must. Nothing too arcade like.

  • I prefer glass nav, and I have home equipment support for Garmin G1000 glass (have a RealSimGear auto pilot panel). Have a stick and yoke at home so no preference there (Yoko yoke and Airbus TCA pack).

  • Military planes haven’t really done it for me, but that could change. Have the Heatblur F-14 but haven’t even taken off in it yet. When Jester started talking I kinda groaned lol. Seems like DCS should be my option if I want military, but could be convinced otherwise. Would love an excellent military cargo plane with solid navigation and auto-pilot.

  • I don’t really have a business jet on my list. Maybe the Citation Longitude?

  • Since I have the Kodiak, does the Comanche or Cessna 414 really provide enough variety? Seems like both are redundant since I have the Kodiak.

  • I’ve been window shopping the Cessna 414, Comanche, Piper M500, Blackbird, and one of the military cargo planes that has a 4.7 rating on the MSFS Marketplace (name escapes me now).

  • Really want an A380, 757 or Dreamliner but doesn’t seem like there is a study level one available at this time?

So let me know what you think with suggestions. Feel free to ask questions.

Thanks in advance.

How about the CJ4, TBM 930, C414AW, FSR500.

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The Diamond DA42 by COWS seems like a great option for you.
It is very complete as a simulation, sounds are amazing, it uses a G1000 and is flown with a stick and the TCA throttles suit the ones in the plane very well.


A2A Comanche is great. I also like the Blacksquare TBM850 and the Tecnam P2012.


I’m not sure the single engine TP Kodiak makes either the Comanche or the 414 redundant. Besides the Comanche has both beat on the realism front.


Great feedback already. Thanks!

Keep 'em coming.

Like the idea of a double engine propeller. Haven’t really flown those before.

The Black Square TBM 850 is IMHO, top of the line. They also have great tutorials over at the Justflight YT channel.

You’re missing out on some freeware gems.

Diamond DA-40NG and DA-62X with the MrTommyMxr Mods.

Cessna JT-A (Skyhawk Turbodiesel) also by MrTommyMxr and DanielLOWG. Such a beaut. You’ll never fly the NA version of the 172 again. They even redid the cockpit art so it matches up to the real thing.

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If it’s good airliner payware you are interested in, the Leonardo Maddog is in there with the best.


Sounds to me like you’re in need of the A300-600.


I have all of the planes you have minus the 146.

The FSR500, 310R from Milviz & COWS DA42 complement them all well and I find myself using all of them.

I love the Kodiak but it feels a bit basic compared with the planes mentioned above which have much greater systems depth with their wear & tear, failures, circuit breakers, EFB, sounds and handling etc.

On the FSR tyre pressure changes based on temperature and brakes wear for example. The only reference I use for the COWS is the real POH.

The only reason I didn’t get the Comanche was it’s a bit too slow for me but undoubtedly has the most system depth out of all of them.

Have a look through Barracus top ten list to help narrow down a selection.

Have a look at manuals online and YouTube videos first to get a feel for what you might like.

Have a look at the individual threads on here for each aircraft.

Can’t go wrong with any of them.


Thanks for this! Yea, you are right about the Kodiak. I do love it - pretty easy to fly when you get the hang of it, but not a ton of depth.

Yea, the Barracus top 10 a must read and I check it frequently.

The rest fo your tips were spot on. I sometime get over-eager and just buy with regret (e.g., the F-14), so a good reminder to do my research.

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Re Business Jets, the stock CJ4 is a hidden gem. The excellent Longitude comes with Premium Deluxe, so you’ll have to upgrade FS2020 if you’re below that level. The FlightFX VisionJet is a great payware option, as is the HJet. Both are available on the marketplace.

Any of these are can’t-lose choices, IMO: A2A Comanche, Black Square anything, FSW 414 Chancellor (I’m flying it as I type), Milviz C310. For all of these, I use the PMS50 GTN750 premium, which is Simbrief/Navigraph integrated. It’s “semi-glass”, I suppose.

We are spoiled by so many good planes and not enough time to fly them all!


For G1000, either FSR5000 or the SR22T. The 22T is kind of the testbed for the G1000 right now, and it’s pleasantly speedy.


Leonardo Maddog MD-82. I know it’s pricey but to me it’s worth every penny. The only negative is the sounds which can be remedied with FTSIM+ sound pack so don’t let that disqualify this plane from your consideration.

The Maddog is a nice mix in between old school and new including RNAV.

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If you want a private jet get the Longtitude it’s pretty good, not everything works but it’s pretty solid

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My vote goes to the FSR500 which has the G1000.

The Flysimware Learjet 35A is quite nice as well. Very deep. It’s still in ‘early release’ though, and is getting almost daily hotfix updates. I think that’s a good thing, but some folks like a more complete product. Its variants use the GNS 530, or the GTN 750 (TDS or PMS version.)

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If you like 146 but it’s too dated for you how about waiting got the RJ? Yea, I know the wait is a bit undefined. No one seems to know when the thing is going to be released - drives me mad. Anyway, it will be more modern than the 146 and it will have VNAV.

And while you wait, fly the Comanche :wink:

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Ok, thank you so much for the suggestions here. I now have a good roadmap for my next planes.

Last night picked up the COWS DA42. Really enjoying the plane and fits a good role that I haven’t fulfilled with my pay ware planes. I’ll post my thoughts on the plane in the DA42 thread. She’ll be my main sightseeing plane on normal runways (SWS Kodiak will be for more exotic runways/airports).

The Leonardo Maddog will be an eventual purchase. I love my BAe for my old school gauge airliner, but the Maddog looks to have incredible fidelity and better auto pilot functions. My brain hurts from learning the PMDG 737 and Fenix A320, so will just need to reset in get in the frame of mind to learn yet another airliner. It looks complicated! But I welcome the challenge and I have flown in those planes a lot when I was younger as a passenger.

I think I just need to be like the other lemmings and get the Comanche one day.

Few other planes mentioned here that have caught my eye.

Again, thanks for suggestions!

I completely disagree. Sorry but the Kodiak is no lesser than many other aircraft systems wise and is certainly not what I’d call basic. You will not notice much difference on that front. The items you listed other than circuit breakers are not what I’d call systems and the Kodiak has working cb’s anyhow. It’s systems are all there.

The biggest differentiator from the Kodi to some of the others would be the type of flying they cater for. The C310 or C414 would suit your desire for some twin piston flying.