Help needed as run out of SSD space

Hi I bought a brand new 1 TB SSD to install MSFS onto and since then I’ve added every update and I’ve added several scenery’s and aircraft add ons inc the recent FENIX AND PMDG ones but when trying to update to world update 10 it says I’ve ran out of SSD SPACE.

Can anyone advise me how best to reduce SSD Space to allow me to add further updates that we all know will be coming soon.

As surely 1 TB is enough to fit all the msfs game files snd updates onto.

Any help or hints and tips would be appreciated.


Hello! I am sure that people here are more than willing to help you sort this out :slight_smile:
1TB SSD should indeed be more than enough for MSFS with all world updates and scenery + third party planes as well. So we need to dig a bit deeper here.

It would be helpful if you provided a few screenshots
A) from your file explorer where it shows your 1TB SSD and how much space it has left.
B) of the install window for World Update 10 where it says you don’t have enough disk space…

We need to make certain that you have installed MSFS on the correct disk and what is potentially using up all your storage space.

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An alternative for storage efficiency is to be a bit smarter with your content management as well. So basically you don’t really need to download “every” content that you have free access to. Like World Updates, aircraft, handcrafted airports and photogrammetry cities. These are all optional. And I think that if you are not flying around these areas often, there’s no point in having them installed and sitting there taking your storage space, and extending your loading times, etc.

For what I do with my MSFS installation is that I completely remove every single content in my content manager that I can delete. The ones that I can’t delete like the mandatory core content and some aircraft that cannot be deleted stay there along with the fs-base CGL content as well. (so probably about 7 contents that are installed and can’t be removed) But everything else, World Updates, aircraft, discovery, landing challenges, lessons, etc. I removed them all. Because I don’t use them at all, so there’s no point in having them installed. I have about over 150 in my content manager that is sitting under Not Installed category.

Then I only installed some airports for the contents that I do need. And handcrafted airports like coming from Premium Deluxe edition or even the free world updates, we can open the package and only choose to install the sub-contents that we only want. We don’t need to download an entire world update package if we only want one or two things inside it. Then if I don’t need the content anymore, I remove them again to save some space.

Once you only have the contents that you want to use frequently, you’ll notice that you’ll have optimised your storage management.

Right click on Start and choose Disk Management. Send a screenshot with the Snipping tool to this forum. Remember that the addons go under the User directory, so if your drive is split into C: and D:, C: may fill up even though you have installed the sim on D:.

First step follow NeoKingRthur indications in order not having installed all MSFS program addons.

2- Install in your SSD only the addons that you mainly use.

3- If your system has an extra HDD install there the “secondary addons”
Take into account that Aircraft installed in a HDD have a minimal impact in load times. I wont install PMDG or Fenix in that disk but less complex aircraft are ok.