Help needed for takeoff PMDG 777

Need help taking off in PMDG 777.

I couldn’t resist the temptation so I bought the PMDG 777. The problem is that I am having a problem taking off.
I start down the runway and get speed to @ 145 to even 160knots but as I pull up on the yoke it dies.

Any ideas?

Happens on both my 5800x3d/RX6800 rig and my 5900x/RX6950 rig.

The 5800x3d rig has a Turtlebeach Velocity one yoke and rudder and the 5900x has a Logitech yoke and rudders.


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Did you set up the engine thrust (derate) in the CDU?
Did you activate autothrust and TOGA prior to takeoff

Exactly what do you mean by dies?
Engines shutdown? Throttles retard?

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Throttle retard

How are you supposed to get help if you don’t answer?! :roll_eyes:

I have a quick start ref for the 777 written down if you want a copy to compare steps required.

We provide a complete tutorial that will get you in the air without any problems.

If there is a point where what you see does not match the document, just contact our support at and we’ll be able to sort that out with you.

Mathijs Kok


Thank you!!

What do you mean by “I pull up on yoke it dies” ? Either you have not set weights correctly or have not set up the FMS correctly. Remember this isn’t your typical “load and go” airplane.