Help needed for Xbox version

After been asked to apply the upgrade when logging in when I now take off the plane ditches straight to the ground??? HELP - I love this game but what the hell has happened?!

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The SDK category is for asking questions about the Software Development Kit. :+1:

I’m not having this issue.

However, there have been a number of posts regarding Xbox controller control issues.

Are you flying with the Xbox controller? I don’t, but plenty of folks do.

If so, I’d load into an aircraft (preferably a simple one, such as the Cessna 152) Cold & Dark at a parking space on the apron.

Then I’d move all the control surfaces — ailerons, elevator, rudder — with the Xbox controller and switch to external view to verify the surfaces are responding correctly to my inputs on the controls.

I’d also check that the elevator trim is working correctly via the Xbox controller. That is the only trim with keybindings on the controller.

Last, I’d check Options—>Assistance and turn off all the assistance options.

Do all that and see what you discover.

Yes I’m using the Xbox controller. What I I’ve since realised is everything is working apart from the right / left are now the wrong way around. For example if I want to go right I’m going left and vice Versa

I’ve heard that there are issues with the rudder.

Try remapping them within the Options—>Controls Options.

You might do a search around the forum, there were some users saying they needed to remap them to a different rudder control setting choice. Maybe it will be self explanatory upon your poking around in the controls.

I’ve posted up on the forums etc to see if anyone else has had the same issue. I’ve gone through all the controls but I will check the rudders :+1:t2:

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Check this:

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That was it - thank you so much!! I’m new to this game (6 months in) and I love it.

Thanks again really appreciate it!

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