Help Oculus quest 2 link, crashing

Hey everyone, hoping I can get some help with this.

Brand new to MSFS and trying to get it running in VR for the first time. Playing on an Oculus Quest 2, via Link cable. Have read some posts and watched some videos but still having no luck getting it started in VR.

Some background. Playing on AMD 3600x with RTX 2070s. Am using the microsoft game pass version of MSFS. I have enabled public test server in the oculus settings. Have also changed the registry to point openxr to my oculus folder (my path is not in C:\programs files, but under my D: drive, but made the appropriate changes, don’t know if this matters).

I have tried multiple pathways to get it to connect to VR but no matter what I do the game just crashes to desktop and game closes out all together. Followed some instructions I found on here about sequence of running. E.g I open my oculus software and enable link, then open MSFS in 2d load a flight and then try to activate VR through the shortcut keys. It crashes at different points. Sometimes it crashes as soon as MSFS loads to home screen while having oculus open. Other times when I open the flight I want but before I can get to the cockpit. MSFS working fine in 2d mode as long as the oculus software isn’t open. Any help I can get would be appreciated… Kinda at a loss.

I seem to have got it working. I turned off beta mode, and lowered all my 2d settings to minimum as to minimize resource consumption and seems to be working. Now to tweak vr for best appearance.

Well, in the past sometimes I had similar situations. Then it helped occasionally to switch from beta to ‘normal’ or vice versa. I use Quest version 1.
(The whole Quest thing seems to be quite complex.
About a month ago, I suddenly wasn’t able to link any more (neither wired nor beta wireless). The ‘OVR server’ exe crashed all the time. After a several week long odyssee with the support finally we found out that the Realtek Ethernet driver had to be updated via Windows optional updates.)

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