Help please!

Installed last update no problem. Restarted to add back addons, and really impressed with how smooth flight was.
Turned off computer after exiting. When came back MSFS would not start - crashed whilst still on first black screen before any logo appeared.
Could not solve so re-installed!
Two more sessions of great flying. Then after restating computer, crash again. More by luck than judgement, discovered that repairing latest 3 visual c++ re-distributable files (needing restart), MSFS started again. Until a few sessions later, happened again - and 3 more times now!
No idea what is going on. Only happened since last update. But when running, MSFS is better and smoother than I can remember.

Does anyone have anyi ideas about the cause of this odd problem?

Seagate Toolkit application installed?
remove all 3rd party addons from community folder and fly

No Seagate software
And nothing new in addons. Only updated ones are g3000, longitude, and 4 seasons. Don’t seem to be causing others problems!