Help Understanding Static Aircraft Spawning

I’m trying to tune my PC for ground performance and am struggling to understand the various settings that affect what spawns at airports.

I’m currently at KSMF — a generic generated small international airport.

I have General Options > Traffic > Aviation Traffic > Aircraft Traffic Type > Real-Time Online and
General Options > Airport Life > Ground Aircraft Density on zero. That latter setting seems to remove the aircraft parked around the apron.

However, every single gate is filled with an airliner.

If I turn on Show Traffic Nameplates, only two of the aircraft at the gates have a real-time flight number.

What, then, is generating all the other aircraft filling the gates and how is that controlled?

I’m finding the ground/static aircraft to be having the biggest impact on my ground FPS and its subsequent impact on my Main Thread.

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Let me also add that I quit to the main menu and reloaded into the same airport.

This time, I watched as initially there were a number of real-time aircraft sitting at various gates. Over time their flight number name plates disappeared and the aircraft remained behind as static aircraft. Eventually, again, the entire airport had a static aircraft at every gate.

This time, also, with generic models, the main thread impact was significantly less.

(Apparently filling an airport with PMDG 737-700s tanks your FPS, ha!)

I’m also finding it a bit of a drag that Ground Aircraft Density at even a mild setting really seems to impact FPS. I’m figuring that it’s probably too many poorly optimized 3rd party aircraft being generated.

Welcome to the expensive side of simming! Please be kind to your XBox and take it out for a spin every once in a while! I’m sure you’re also very excited that you don’t need to always carry the torch for XBox and will soon be blaming it and all of their users for your issues :wink:

I don’t think there’s a real answer to your question. Only Asobo knows how they really treat real-time online traffic. There is another thread recently that was trying to reverse engineer how it’s done, and it’s not clear. I found that real-time online traffic just packs gates with planes, and it seems en-route air traffic is very sparse.

All I would say is, now that you have a PC, I would strongly recommend FSLTL + AIFlow + AIGround and turn off in-sim traffic.

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The Zero setting is only effective with Offline AI and could be hit or miss with smaller GA airports.


How much of an impact will those have on my CPU?

I’m still in the midst of trying to optimize this monster, but I find it all overwhelming and confounding. I was really, really surprised to see just how much the whole static aircraft aspect was impacting my main thread and FPS. It is having a greater effect than moving TLOD from 200 to 400, (which seemed to have no effect!).

(And thanks for the kind words re: Xbox. Nice to see someone noticed…)

That’s really the great thing about FSLTL. You can configure it however you want for whatever “load” you want to put on your CPU. For example, the issue you mention with way too many static traffic killing performance? There are specific settings in FSLTL that let you configure number of ground planes, how many “extra” static planes you want, how far out you want traffic injected both in the air or on the ground.

With the in-sim real-time traffic, it seems to just overload airports and you have no control over the load on your CPU. With FSLTL, you can adjust to your liking.

Adding AIFlow and AIGround (totally optional) don’t seem to add much load on my CPU. I think they are pretty light. But they make taxi behavior and landing behavior much more sane.

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I dove in and installed FSLTL, which is pretty awesome!

I’ve noted a few model mismatches, but I guess that’s to be expected.

I don’t really want to go here, but, man, I really was missing out on the finer things on Xbox…

(It reminds me how I convinced myself I didn’t need 4WD in my camper van until I nearly got stuck. Needless to say, it’s 4WD now, and then some!)

I downloaded AIFlow and AIGround, but was hesitant to run applications from an unknown source. Do all you PC simmer types run applications from freeware websites and trust they are a-okay?

They certainly sound like worthwhile additions.

Static aircraft are one thing, but the discussion regarding FSLTL and area of coverage got me wondering. I installed it and followed the recommendations and wow! I’m impressed (maybe easily so, but). The 80 NM range is more than enough for me, I could care less if a Cessna 152 is leaving Cleveland or an Ilyushin is leaving Kiev, I’m happy with what is provided.
My first test was leaving KDEN. I had 10 aircraft in front, waiting on runway 26 and 7 behind me. Lots of variety, Frontier, Southwest, United, FedEx, a CJ4. Added to the realism IMHO.

In this instance, they are widely used and haven’t triggered any alarms, so I think you’re ok. Stick with what’s recommended by people at your favorite forum.

Just wait, it’s only going to get crazier when you need to buy extra storage just for your add-ons and start building DIY panels and mounting tablets and touchscreens all over your room.

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