Help Which Garmin's in Xbox X

hello good evening, I’m a big fan of msf2020 and I’ve only been playing the game for a short time and even less with the honeycomb controllers (alpha and bravo).

I have already read a lot about bravo’s failures and I am up to date with some things. I also apologize for the translation, I am Spanish and I do not speak the language very well. But I’m really frustrated, the more you play and the more you know about this simulator… the more you want. Now I’m starting to handle the main computer a little, gps or Garmin
… or I don’t know how to define it… surely your eyes will bleed when you see that I don’t even know what it’s called… The fact is that I control the ascent speed a little, altimeter … but it has so many things that I don’t I know how to get to know this. I would like you to tell me, please, where I can learn more about this, how to handle it, enter route sheets, know how to make approaches and so on…because I know that all this can be done but I don’t know… I expected the simulator to have some exercise or demo where I taught how to use it but I didn’t find anything… please if you can tell me where to find how to learn how to handle this… I would really appreciate it, and above all if it might have a translation into Spanish… some bad, I’ll see how to translate it… but something to put subtitles or similar would be great.

thanks for everything guys, i love this one and i learn a lot, thanks for everything.

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