Help with Community folder

I installed my MSFS 2020 on my F drive, due to C driver being too full. I have since come across the livery uploads and one for a mod to the Airbus 320.
The problem is that nothing works when I place it in the comminity folder, which I found at this location:


I followed the instructions, extracting the zip files, and placed them in the folder. I also have DCS, so I’m used to working with these file formats, at least to some degree, no computer genius here.

Does any one have any ideas as to what my problem might be, causing FS to no see the files in the community folder?



Have you installed the game in default folder or you choose to install somewhere else on pc?

Hmm, maybe the wrong folder? That is not the file structure I have on my system at all. I set a custom location for my game as well. I made a folder named “games” and a folder inside of that called FS2020 and installed the game to there. My community folder is inside that folder. So the path reads - C:/ games/fs2020/community .

It isn’t in the app data or 8wekybed folders.

Maybe your file structure turned out different? What was the file path you installed the game to?

Yah that’s what i noticed, some people installing game in different folders, same with me i installed on custom folder and not on default one, and for liveries installation it says go to

AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages/Community and install in there.
But there is no Community folder in there because it was installed in custom folder, so people create this missing community folder and put addons in there, and it does’t work because its not the installation folder.

If you use the developer menu it will actually show you where your community folder is.

Start the game, go to options/devolopers and turn it to ON. You will get a DevMode bar at the top of your screen.

Go to Tools/virtual file system/Watched Bases. Look for the line with “Community” at teh end of it. This is the path to your community folder.


Thanks guys. I uninstalled the program, and reinstalled it using Games/MSFA2020 folders. And now everything is workig. Liveries and mods are working!


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Awesome sauce, hope you are having fun.

Anybody see a case where the dev mode doesn’t even show a community folder? That’s what happening to me. Worked before but then I had to reinstall as I changed up my drives.

  • UPDATE -
    I did a full uninstall (steam) and reinstall. For uninstall I used the Steam “uninstall”, then deleted the folder entirely. I also found the Flight Simulator folder under users/appdata/roaming and deleted it entirely. Reinstalled via Steam and started game. The folder watched didn’t change from packages, however, MS FS2020 did create a community folder under the packages folder. I put my content under there and it worked. Note - I noticed if I tried to create sub tied folder structure under community, it wouldn’t find content. If a livery folder was on the root of community - no problem, but if I made “liveries” folder and then placed it there it wouldn’t find it.

I’ve double checked the location of the folder through the DEV mode. Put my add-on in the “COMMUNITY” folder. They are not showing up in the sim.
Seems too simple…

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I have MSFS2020 on Xbox, where is the Community folder so I can download some add-ons or mods? help please.

Right now, it’s made to only see 1 level of add-ons. I hope they improve it so we can have subfolders.

Came here to ask same thing, is there any allowed folder hierarchy in the community folder, just one level for the package itself then I assume?

Yeah, just the 1 level right now.

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My Dev menu directs me to e Community folder shortcut on my C drive, which directs me to the base install game on the D drive. In there is where i place my addons, nothing shows.

My god!! Your awesome! LOL! Finally! I’ve been at this a few days, and after a while I became the defeated laughing guy in the corner of the room! Your directions were perfect.
I bought a gaming laptop dedicated to this flight sim. Perhaps THAT made the difference. The liveries pack downloaded elsewhere! I saw all the other options as to where this could have installed…but I didn’t know the path! YOUR directions were bang on! Thanks tons!

Hopefully you read this. What do you do if you go to that pathway and after i open the username path there is no appdata folder…

So i do this, but there is no a Watched Bases?
Any Ideas?
I Install the Games over the Microsoft Store Online om PC in the Default drive C.
i have the Deluxe Ultra Version

To my surprise, it is under C:\user\username\AppData\Local\MSFSPackages\Community.
I googled that it is the box version.