Help with Correcting a repaint that doesn't load

Looking for someone who is comfortable with repaints. (hope this is the right place to post this)

I have an Ai livery (I didn’t create, but downloaded as a pack) that doesn’t want to load into the sim. Problem is, all other paints in the pack work fine and using GIMP (I don’t have PhotoShop), I have examined the files and all appear identical (in size and structure), yet one will not work. I have triple checked that there is no issue with file names or the config file so I’m stumped.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

bmp, dds, dxt1 or dxt5? If it is bmp will definitely not load. Can you attach it here, or maybe provide a link? What airline and aircraft?

Thanks, but solved it!

Seems its an issue with source file! It appears the author used the wrong version of the texture (not using the v3 version as is used by the others).