Help with helicopter training

Hey everyone, i just started getting into the helicopter training and I’m having a whole bunch of different issues.

Ok, first, when i turn off the airflow lines, i click set & apply. When i crash and restart, the lines are back. Tried it multiple times, always the same. Second, i lift the collective, helicopter takes off, then a few seconds later, it just starts to descend, until i crash.

I have a collective that i use in DCS (winwing orion base and ka-50 collective). I can set the “increase collective”, but not the “decrease collective”. So, in free flight, i can take off, but not land. Also, i don’t seem to be able to adjust the throttle (Z-axis twist throttle on the collective). It’s recognized by the game, but doesn’t seem to work.

In the training, is there a way to switch to inside the cockpit? The camera controls in the options menu, are hot garbage. The descriptions don’t make any sense. It’s almost like they were originally foreign language descriptions, then poorly translated into English.

Is there someplace where i can see someone’s control setup in options, so i have some idea how to sign controls?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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You need to assign the collective to the helicopter collective axis, the increase/decrease collective would be for digital inputs I.e. buttons.
As for the throttle not working that’s more a case of Asobo fixing so,e issues with the sim.
The throttle axis does work with the default Cabri G2 when the governor is switched off.