Help with Macros

I have been trying to set up a second keyboard to work as a Macros keyboard. I’m Using LuaMacros and mapping a single key in the second keyboard only to a sequence of keys (that i would then map to a comand) for example: j → SHIFT+CTRL+j+a. Everything is working fine in other tabs such as notepad or something like that, the j gets ignored and the rest goes in, but in fs2020 it seems to pickup just the j. Anybody got any help with that or any other way to set up a second keyboard? Thanks in advance!!

Can you put a pause in the sequence?

yes, i can put a delay in ms between any keypresses, i will try to extend the delay (i think thats what you are suggesting).

yeah putting a delay made it work, but the timing seems a bit hit or miss, sometimes it wil work perfectly and sometimes will cut the macro