Help with PC Spec

I am looking at getting a desktop to run MSFS, currently using a gaming laptop, and was wondering about specs.
I don’t have a big budget so would like some ideas of how to do this on a smaller budget, what I should be looking for?

You will get lots of different opinions on this and it is difficult without knowing what you mean by “smaller budget” but here is my estimate of the minimum specs for msfs right now. If you want to play in VR you will need more power.

It may be easier to provide your budget, as well as the type of monitor you plan on using and then suggestions could be offered off that.

I did think about putting a budget, but I didn’t really have a firm figure in mind other than “not £2k plus”!
I think I would have to say in the £500-£1000 range if I’m honest.

Haven’t really thought about a monitor, so open to suggestions on that. I have a couple of 22" normal monitors (as in not gaming) but realise I will probably need to get a better one for gaming.