Help with TBM start up

Hello community, as you can see in the title i have some problems trying to start up the tbm engine. I already tried like 8 times but i always have the same problem. Already watched some tutorials on how to start up but for some reason i cant.
Hope you can help me

Here is a video about whats happening when trying to start the tbm.

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Left and simultaneously Right click the mouse on the power lever to move it over.

Edit. Oops just saw that you are on Xbox. Sorry can’t tell how it works there. Unless you have a mouse connected.

First, a couple of tips… I like to go from far left to far right on the overhead at one time. Nav lights, Battery, Generator, Fuel Auto-Select, and Trim/AP. Then after I initialize the center display, I go ahead and preset everything for the autopilot/navigation. I turn on the FD, but not the AP button. Then I reach back up and hit the starter and then run the start by the factory numbers. Move to Low Idle at 13%, the starter cuts out automatically at 52%, move to High Idle. Since you’re on a console, you need whatever the “secondary” interaction method is. On a PC, it would be to hold the left mouse button and tap the right to cross over from feathered to Flight Idle. I would highly recommend connecting a mouse and keyboard to the console if at all possible. It will make life much easier.

Im using a mouse

Well then it should work what I described.

Will try. Thanks for help

If you’re using a mouse, you’re better off switching all that blue highlighting off. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Cockpit Interactions - set this to Legacy. You can leave the tool-tips active if you want, but once you get used to doing things, they’ll probably become annoying too.

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