Help with Waypoints

I’m just looking for a better explanation of the waypoints in the sim. How are they used, etc.? Some show in the sim map but I haven’t figured out how to interact with them on the map. They also don’t appear to be on the flight planner.

I’m using LittleNavMap also, there I can get the heading and distance to the waypoint, which is nice. Is there a way to get the sim to do that in the Cessna 152?

Sorry, if it’s too basic a question, I got frustrated with the VFR navigation lesson in the sim and haven’t made it past that one yet.

I’ve found using youtube videos and self experimenting works better instead of the in sim lessons.

The five letter waypoints are GPS waypoints. You can only use those if your plane has GPS equipment, which the 152 doesn’t.
Also there’s never too basic a question.
And yea, the in sim lessons suck haha

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Thanks, I guess I can pretend I’m carrying MyLittleNavMap with me as GPS equipment? I used it today to get headings, it was quite nice.

On some of the lessons, I just feel like the instructor just gets judgy and yells at me without being terribly helpful.

The info was enough to help me find this web page, A Pilot Explains Waypoints, the Hidden Geography of the Sky | Condé Nast Traveler

I switched over the the Cessna 172. Learning the Garmin 1000 is a whole thing on it’s own! Not to mention it’s awkward with a mouse.

Over all, the Cessna 172 feels less squirrely/smoother.

I’m missing the old time gauges a little. I feel lost without the vertical speed indicator.

Yea for sure! They teach courses on that G1000 alone, let alone flying the plane!

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Thankfully, I love to figure out complicated things. It’s almost a requirement for me, lol.

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Also, for G1000 NXi, try YouTube instructional videos by Kip on the Ground.

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Thanks for the tip!

Just a heads up - the default GPS and VFR Maps don’t always show the correct flight path.

This has been a bug for a long time.

Here’s an example - should have been a line directly to the next airfield, but…

I suppose you do get there in the end, but not in the straight line you requested. So it’s not a bad idea to zoom the GPS or VFR map out until you can see the entire leg on it.