Hercules World Tour - Leg Three, presented by the Hercules Flying Club

The Hercules Flying Club is proud to invite you to Leg Three of the Hercules World Tour!

Join us as we depart from beautiful Bahia de los Angeles, Mexico in the Gulf of California, and make our way down the Baja Peninsula of Mexico. Our first stop will include a landing opportunity in the seaside San Lucas, Mexico. Next we will make our way further south to the town of La Paz, Mexico and another landing opportunity in the bay there. Lastly, we head to our final landing at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Total route is 430nm. There will be interesting facts and discoveries along the way, perhaps even trivia with points that don’t mean anything and cannot be redeemed for any prize that we know of other than pride and eternal glory.

We hope you can join us. 19:00 Zulu time on November 27, 2022. US West Server, MP on, Live Weather (permitting) All Players, Traffic Any. Flight PLN will be available in the Flight Plan Channel of the HWT section of the server and also here in this thread shortly.


Flight Plan for Leg Three. Please note that MSFS still has not restored the feature of previous Microsoft Flight Sims of allowing the setting of a custom starting altitude from the map screen. Please use the slew mode function to join us on the water surface for take off.

Leg Three of the Hercules World Tour is now complete! Thank you to all the community members who joined us and flew along! We look forward to seeing you next week for Leg Four!