Hercules World Tour - Leg Two, presented by the Hercules Flying Club

The Hercules Flying Club is proud to invite you to Leg Two of the Hercules World Tour!

Join us as we depart from beautiful San Diego Bay, California and make our way down the Pacific Coast and explore the Baja Peninsula of Mexico. Our first stop will include a landing opportunity in the seaside Ensenada Bay, Mexico. Next we will make our way to the Isla Guadalupe off the Mexican Coast, and another landing opportunity, and rest point. From there we will return to the coast and cross the peninsula for our final landing at Bahia De los Angeles, Mexico. Total route is 500nm.

We hope you can join us. 19:00 Zulu time on November 20, 2022. US West Server, MP on, Live Weather (permitting) All Players, Traffic Any. Voice communications will be in the event section of the Hercules Flying Club Server (link below).

For more information or to join the Hercules Flying Club please follow the below link to our discord server:

Here is the flight plan. Note we still do not have a way to spawn on any body of water we choose. So please use slew to start on the surface in San Diego.


Starts in one hour!

Leg Two of the Hercules World Tour is now complete! Thank you to all the community members who joined us and flew along! We look forward to seeing you next week for Leg Three!