Here is my 15-Leg Bush Trip through South Idaho!

I apologize for being MIA lately, but I am finally back with a third custom made adventure bush trip from my home state of Idaho! I had to get a little sunshine in before my next bush trip, where I might move to more frozen pastures :cold_face: For this adventure, we move to southern Idaho.

Desert landscapes that resemble the moon so closely, the Apollo astronauts trained on its volcanic rock. Canyons so deep, they hold waterfalls higher than the mighty Niagara Falls. Mountains so high, they dwarf all the other mountains in Idaho. South Idaho truly is as diverse as it gets for a bush pilot. From the Oregon border in the west to the Wyoming border in the east, this 15-leg bush trip with four custom built airstrips will take you nearly 700 nautical miles over the wild and remote landscapes that make Southern Idaho one of the most unique and diverse locations in the United States.

Start flying this adventure today by using the directions, complete with Nav Log and photos, on the MSFS Bush Trips website.

As always, thank you all for your continued support and kind words as I dealt with Covid blow after Covid blow. Please let me know any issues or improvements that you have in mind for my South Idaho Bush Trip! And please let me know which locations you would like to see me create a new custom bush trip adventure!



@Joburgal @okestone @BostonJeremy77 @YYCAviator @lynhoffenmeyer Finally made a dedicated thread! I have just uploaded a fresh package update with lots o’ changes. Let me know if you didn’t get the DM with the download link! You guys rock. Thanks so much for your continued support and friendship

Ok… just remembered that with Mike’s bushtrips you actually need to fly the aircraft! After an intense 15 mins of weaving through canyons I turned final, lost the field in the sun and ended up ceremoniously planting the spinner into the building at the end of the field. Will try again after lunch :slight_smile:

@MikeBonocore you’ve done it again! it give me fright to begin, with but loved the addition of the voiceover at the beginning! Great Navlog descriptions and the POI pics are really useful.


@Joburgal Hahaha you know how much I despise auto pilot. No AP in my trips! You got to be sharp. Glad my first custom built landing strip got the best of you :slight_smile:

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To be fair I transitioned back to this after flying 12 legs of Asobos Alaska “Bush” Trip. My approach for Alaska was take off trim for max cruise hands off, go away and make some coffee, come back when you need to make turn…this doesn’t really work in Idaho :wink:

Watched a couple of Trent Palmer videos on youtube this morning to psyche myself up and nailed leg one!


hi Mike, thanks for your work! I have a couple of quiestion regarding this bush trip:

  1. Is the weather bug still present here? cause it was a very ugly experience to modify those files before each flight simulator start (i normally do 1 leg at once only)?
  2. does that bush trip uses 3rd party weather addon as well, i.e is the description of 1st leg in navlog says you to use preset for something that does not exist in standard msfs? :slight_smile:

apart from those 2 - your bush trips are awesome and are very interesting to fly and i would really like to try this as well, but that would depend on the above 2. thanks!

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Yes, that is all correct! That is why these trips are great.
Asobo “bush” trips - clear, sunny skies, international airports, etc
Bonocore bush trips - weather that may kill you, air strips that you start to doubt the existence of as you approach the designated area, etc

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I just completed this last night! This is the best one out of the 3 to me! It requires patience as it starts slow and mild and builds from there, but the diversity of environments is stunning! Everything - highest mountains of Idaho (over 12K elevation), volcanic craters, farmland, lakes (with an island populated by birds that will fly overhead), canyons, rivers… It’s STUNNING! The final descent from the top of the world in the end is worth the price of admission alone!

Yes, the weather “bug” is there, but I just edit the file prior to sim start when I want to fly further. It literally takes 1 minute. And yes, for this trip SoFly Weather Presets Pro is recommended simply because it provides incredible presets. It’s like $6… very worth it, but you can dial in weather manually without it according to provided instructions. But SoFly makes your life a lot easier.

If anyone hasn’t picked this up, what are you waiting for? These set the bar high.


for weather bug to disappear, i kind if want to fly, not edit files, even if it takes 1 minute :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply!

Awesome work brother! What time did you take off @Joburgal? The new update should have you taking off at 8:45am not 8:15am, but it looks like the sun is still low in this photo?

@lynhoffenmeyer Wait till you get to Magic Mountain. I thought @BostonJeremy77 was going to kill me for making that one. Haha. In all fairness to South Idaho, the in-game landing strips are a little easier than Central and North, so I had to spice it up a little bit with some custom made challenging air strips :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, yes this is still the case (although maybe today’s update will magically change that). I wish this wasn’t the case, but this is all Asobo. I have tried various other ways to build it and nothing can get past the torture of the Asobo save file! It annoys me too, but it really does only take a second, so most people don’t seem to mind, but I get it! Hopefully one day it will be fixed.

Yup! As @BostonJeremy77 said, the SoFly weather presets are what I recommend and build the trips around. You don’t need them however, as you can manually set the weather. But they are so cool, and well worth the $6

Thanks for your questions!

No worries, i am sure you haven’t done this on purpose, hope this get fixed by Asobo soon! Thanks again for your awesome work.

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Thanks @balonchiks! They actually built the bush trip templates to not allow anything but clear, calm weather, which makes no sense to begin with. So the fact that I can even build them to allow weather changes is a miracle.

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I’m floundering over here fellows. When MSFS2020 came out I installed it on the main drive, a 500Gig SSD which held Win 10 operating system. Well before long that drive was about full so I installed a 1TB SSD and moved MSFS2020 to it using Microsoft’s “move” function and things have been going south ever since. Files are now scattered over 3 drives. For 3 days now I have tried a clean install back on the original SSD. What peeves me the most is @MikeBonocore’s new South Idaho Bush trip is out and I’ve only been able to fly 1 leg so far. Grrrrr…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

On a lighter note, I have no idea what it is like to develop and build a Bush Trip and design a fictitious airport Reference: Dickshooter (DKSH) But if I did I think instead of the rectangular hangar at the end of the airstrip, I would have put 2 round hangars there! Kinda like in the pic. :grin::grin::grin::grin:


HAHAHA Oh man, that’s gold. Why didn’t I think of that! I think I may need to update that bush strip!

That sucks about all that madness you got going on. I might have 2-3 more bush trips out by the time you get that fixed. I am chugging along over here!

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@MikeBonocore I think it was 0845 but cant be certain, was focusing more on not hitting the canyons than the time :slight_smile: Just finished the leg over the mountains to Murphy Hot Springs, the timing is spot on with the sunset / random lightning strikes.

BTW, is your pup called Bruno? :wink:

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So glad you enjoyed that Murphy Leg @Joburgal! Love me a good sunset storm! Your screenshots are always killer. My pup is named Loki. I didn’t even think about changing it. That was just the name on one of the liveries from Bush League Legends. Haha

@Joburgal @BostonJeremy77

Here is the Loki Legend himself!

BTW this photo was taken on the summit of Mt Harrison which is in Leg 10 of the South Idaho Bush Trip!

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Aww bless his cotton socks, such a proud and beautiful boy!

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