Here is my 15-Leg Bush Trip through South Idaho!

Thanks @Joburgal! Yeah, this is the first I have heard of the FPS issue, so I am assuming it hasn’t been that much of a pain for most people. Thanks for the heads up! And yeah man, Craters of the Moon is a trip! In the spring, cool little wildflowers sprout up from the volcanic soil. It’s crazy to see. Here is two shots I took of them a couple years and my tent under the insanely dark night skies.


Absolutely stunning photos Mike, it’s almost as if you’re a professional! :wink:

Finished the trip today with one final and emotional touch down at Flying Joseph Ranch reflecting on an awesome journey! Looking forward to the next one, I guess we still have east and west Idaho but maybe you will surprise us!

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@Joburgal DUDE I love that moon shot. How awesome is that leg? I loved flying over those mountains by moonlight. Also I hope you didn’t land on that runway! That’s the easy way out. Find the tiny dirt strip off to the right for a real emotional (and potentially painful) ending :slight_smile: Thanks for the support buddy. Glad you enjoyed it!

@Joburgal Oh! And if you would be so kind as to leave a review on the trip and the package, I would really appreciate it!

Cheers buddy

OK, I had to take time out for a kitchen remodel, but I’m back now. Encountered the “low frame-rate bug” just outside of Magic Mountain (IDMM). I just departed Star ‘S’ Ranch (ID56), hung a hard right to Mackay (U62) and still have the bug. Attached photo is near Bora Peak.

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To give me something to kill the time before Mike’s next masterpiece, I’ve had to get creative :slight_smile: Long Way Down (In Reverse): Cape Town to John o' Groats