Here is my 18-Leg Bush Trip through North Idaho!

Is that what the SoFly setting is called? I am gonna take a break to watch the show and resume Leg 2 then.

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@BostonJeremy77 Yup! I sent you a PM on Facebook also.

I must admit the navigation to DKSH was a challenge. Wouldn’t have been as tough w/o the sun. I would say there is a delicate balance between too easy and too hard. Good job as usual!

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@okestone Thanks buddy! I might up the take off time a bit to get that sun a little higher. I will try it out again. Have you done leg 2 yet?

Nope, not yet.

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@okestone Awesome. I am making changes. I will send you an updated package tonight. Thanks buddy

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@MikeBonocore great to have you back! Will hopefully find some time over the next few days to try out south :slight_smile:

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Hi Mike.
Small issue, since I know we can get the weather conditions from the website. But when I downloaded the South Idaho trip, the included Weather.txt file is from the North Idaho trip.

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Ah sorry about that. Hold off on starting and I will send the updated package when I get home @lynhoffenmeyer!

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@Joburgal Thanks buddy! I have a couple more coming in the almost immediate future, so plenty to keep you busy for a while!

Leg 2. WOW! A light hand on the stick and let her buck!!! :racehorse:

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Downloaded and ready to go after I top up the coffee tanks :slight_smile: Our buffoon of a Prime Minister just cancelled Xmas so am much in need of an Idaho boost! Report to follow :slight_smile:

Ok… just remembered that with Mike’s bushtrips you actually need to fly the aircraft! After an intense 15 mins of weaving through canyons I turned final, lost the field in the sun and ended up ceremoniously planting the spinner into the building at the end of the field. Will try again after lunch :slight_smile:

@MikeBonocore you’ve done it again! it give me fright to begin, with but loved the addition of the voiceover at the beginning! Great Navlog descriptions and the POI pics are really useful.


@Joburgal Mind posting this on the finally posted South Idaho Bush Trip topic? Thanks buddy!

i just want to really recomend to fly this Bush trips in VIrtual Reality…
AMAZING, AWESOME Landscapes, Rivers , Forests and really thrillllllling Takeoffs and landings
Great, Best trips , … a “must” Fly this (specially) in VR!!!


Yes, agreed. I need to dial in performance a bit more though :disappointed:

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@SPEEDWULF77 Awesome man! Thanks so much for the recommendation and for the VR update. You are the first one to give me a VR status report! If you get a chance I would love that review on the site so people know these work great in VR. I get mine on Monday! I can’t wait, although I do worry that my performance won’t be ‘exceptional’ but I am hopeful it will be smooth enough.

Which VR headset do you have?

These trips absolutely work in VR.

The issues that I need to get used to are related to MSFS itself - and not to the bush trips. Historically I’m used to having SkyVector or Google Earth or similar open in browser that I can easily alt-tab to while flying, and we can’t do that in VR. I tried a community mod here where you can open LittleNavMap in the menu, but it’s less than ideal since the mouse doesn’t really work on that window like it does the windows that are native to the sim, and you can’t map a hotas key to open it like you can with the crappy included map.

Also I’m still tweaking settings so that I can get a good balance of eye candy and frames. MSFS does not yet get the performance that IL-2 or DCS does in VR, but I expect that will get better with time. Again, not an issue with the bush trips, but with the sim as a whole.

Also, flying through inclement weather or in no-visibility situations is more adrenaline-inducing in VR than on a monitor. So these trips are perfect to “force” me to fly in situations outside of my comfort zone that I may not otherwise experience, and help to create those memorable experiences that we all use flight sims for in the first place.


@lynhoffenmeyer Thanks for the great information! Yeah, Monday can’t come soon enough. I really can’t wait to try my bush trips in VR! I know them so well by now, I don’t need to worry about the map, luckily, but I can see how that will be a pain. I am just hoping my laptop can handle it. I think it can, as it’s a pretty strong laptop. Not top of the line or anything. But I can fly 2048x1152 with high settings pretty smoothly, so fingers crossed I can have a decent VR experience

Quick question for everyone who has flown my North Idaho bush trip! One of our community members is reporting that MSFS is crashing to desktop on Leg 11: Gopher Gulch Field (ID97) to Sky Island Ranch (ID13) between POI 53 & 54. Has anyone else run into this problem?

I know two pilots had a CTD at the Leg 7 landing at Big Island, but out of all the flyers, that only affected 2 pilots.

I know MSFS seems to have this issue where random people’s downloads CTD at random points in the world map ( Reykjavík, Iceland was a big one). Has Asobo addressed this at all, or does anyone have any other information on why this happens to some random people and if there is a way to fix it?

Thanks all! Hope you had a great holiday season and a Happy New Year!