Here is what they should have said in 9/17 Development update

They should have just owned up to the patch fiasco and promised to fix ASAP.

“Yesterday we released a patch with the goal of making several in-sim improvements. While the patch had that goal, we have been receiving a lot feedback that several features of the simulator are not working properly. We apologize for this error. We apologize for missing these bugs. We are working very hard to triage these issues and get our community members back in the air soon. We will be rolling out some hot fixes as soon as possible and we will also be tackling some broader issues in our next patch. Thank you for your patience and we appreciate everyone in this community for their dedication to the simulator”

That isn’t too hard to say. Instead we got some nice screenshots (likely before patch) and disheartening news that we will be lucky if anything is better in 7 days (likely longer)

What a joke.


I’m going to add that the patch did so much damage - I get overwhelmed listing the NEW issues with the simulator.


What??? You don’t like their funny use of “turbulence” in the press release? Yeah, whoever runs their PR department sucks.


Seriously. “Turbulence” …give me a break. That got me even more upset.


Agree with the OP on this one… it’s been a frustrating week w/ this sim. Had a lot of hopes on this patch. Guess we’ll have nothing else to do but wait for an update to the update on the update on 9/24.


I think that’s the biggest issue for me… I knew the first patch was fixing install issues. Makes sense. And then I read the release notes for patch 2 and I was like WOW! Then I installed it and my brand new $1800 PC for this game ran like a potato and planes seemed worse. Enough of the hype train with these press releases…

Hell I play DCS I know the patience game. But what I learned working in IT is set expectations early and be honest. Otherwise you eventually disappoint and loose credibility.


Can they do some quick hot fixes? We need to be able to adjust the sensitivity of our joysticks.


And many airplanes are experiencing issues with the avionics going into partial panel failure sporadically - which kills the autopilot and displays. The beach 350 and g1000 172 at the least.


Doesn’t seem their build cycle allows that…

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Correct. And our mission in this workflow is just clap your hands and admire, using expressions such as “brilliant”, “amazing”.


So are you saying with France’s mandatory 35 hour work week this will be done in 2030?

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Well, apparently that was hard to say since they didn’t say it.


I half expected one today. My joystick is still working fine, but this is such a stupid oversight… I actually expected a hotfix a few hours after the patch… but well… I guess it’s just a job.


It is concerning they can’t hotfix. What if the next QA issue bricks the game completely? Maybe they don’t see this enough to warrant a hotfix. dunno

Well, I can imagine some logistical nightmares… what if it’s a bug stuck in another 5gb of download, when servers are already overloading?

But a week? I’m sure it’s already fixed. Seems like a really stupid thingy. But the pushing it out might be problematic.

Nah i get the logistics with code branching, and i’m sure they were already working on new sprints. just seems odd since the issues came up so quickly.

The OP’s post brings up something that I have brought up before. The developer could defuse a lot of the tension on this forum and elsewhere by simply communicating better about the game.

While it is lovely that they are putting out some posts about development, events, patches, etc, those posts are not detailed enough for the people here to evaluate the impact on their experience or future experience.


  • A development blog where highly detailed articles about the inner-workings of the game, both current and in development are posted. For example, I would love to understand how “live weather” works. I don’t, because it isn’t posted anywhere. Meteoblue has a model… But how does it get from there to my screen? How often does it get from there to my screen? etc.

  • Continue their live-streams/Q&A sessions etc. However, stuff needs to be put out in text too. Not everyone is going to participate in those.

  • Patch notes need to be detailed enough for players to know what was changed. I have no idea what “performance improvements” means for my player experience. I assume it means more performance, but is that at the expense of something I was enjoying before?

  • Above all, publish a development roadmap or timeline with specific, achievable goals. I keep hearing there is a 10 year plan, let’s see it. DX12 target for implementation 2Q 2022? Great. Throw it on a published plan.


You can’t do that. You never say sorry in professional PR. I don’t know why, but I heard this from several people who work in PR. I also mind you that I’m not in the US nor English speaking countries. So this seems to apply everywhere.

Completely agree! As an end user it’s a joke. I can only imagine how confused the 3rd party developers must be. I wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole right now. Asobo should have taken some lessons from indie developers. Be honest and make a community, don’t throw softball press releases with puns.

Same. Such insanity that they can’t do hotfixes like every other game

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