Here is what they should have said in 9/17 Development update

Bloody oath. Can I suggest you create this post in the bug & issues thread, I mean it really is a bug in the communication, and then we can upvote this to the number 1 spot.

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It’s only a video game, kick it to the curb for awhile.
In it’s present form it is utter garbage for most simmers, playable for video gamers.
I’m thinking there won’t be much improvement for awhile with the timeline they have shown for updates which is approximately every 4 weeks.
Not very good right now, maybe later when the game is more mature 4 weeks would be fine.
They should be kicking out updates at least once a week.

at least they should fix the crash to desktop issuses till monday

They did that exact thing for months. It was called the alpha and beta periods. Look how that turned out.

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Considering the failure to QA test properly in monthly updates. I do not want to imagine the horror of weekly updates. It will become a clown fiesta, if it is not already is.


At least if they broke something on you, a week would pass for a fix rather then a month.
More frequent updates might entice them to flush out bugs more quickly. Right now they are starting with another laundry list instead of picking off a few at a time. I believe that’s part of the problem. Fixing the laundry list breaks a bunch of other stuff.

This release didn’t break things for everybody. In fact I have no problems with stability or performance issues. I just have aircraft with basic functionality that are borked.
Yup I know if you fly VFR it works even better, however that isn’t how most real planes they are using work.

I understand your point. Weekly updates sound great, but that assumes they’ll have same QA time as monthly updates. They won’t. QA test time will also be cut in quarter, if there will ever be one. If they miss such obvious bugs and flaws in a monthly update, they’ll miss worse in weekly ones.

What we simply need is a beta branch. They can dump daily updates without any testing there. And people who are willing to contribute to development, can join, test and report bugs. At least people will be aware of the risks, they wont automatically be forced down to a broken update they didn’t signed up for.

In the meanwhile, players who do not want to get tortured by endless bug fest, can park themselves in the latest stable release and enjoy flying.

Asobo, will benefit from that most. They’ll have more refined reports, like in alpha. And they won’t be flamed by casuals with every single mistake.

It is that simple. The latest alpha build was much more stable and with less bugs than the release, update 1 and update 2. If they used it as release version, and defined the release branch we are in as public beta test version. None of this sh.t storm we are experiencing last month would be happening. Yes, some of the last minute aircrafts will be missing. But those are the most broken, literally not flyable ones anyways.