Here we go kids... My very first Twitch stream, from Seoul to Pyongyang. Will I make it out alive?

OK, as the title said, here’s my very first Twitch stream, everywhere. The audio is screwed up at first, but I figured out and after that, it’s good for the rest of the video. Even though it’s a sim, and I didn’t really go to N. Korea, my anxiety IRL was still quite high.

Sound problems or no, I DID nail the landing, so if you watch nothing else, at least catch that!

Some subs would be nice, too, even if you’re doing it just to humor me.

Thanks and enjoy!


Congrats on your 1st MSFS Twitch Stream … ( Nice Landing !! )

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Thanks, kids, a follow up video will be posted momentarily… This time a freeform tour of Pyongyang itself. It’s pretty short, too.

@Neo4316 I know how to specify my starting gate, that’s easy no matter what flight planner you’re using. But I do not know how to specify my ending one, can you share? It may not matter anyway because I use 3rd party ATC, except I’m trying to get my IFR achievement, which requires using MSFS ATC to get. One thing I haven’t quite figured out is if an IFR flight plan is good enough, or if it actually has to be in IMC.

Not if you pick from the dropdown box, or manually enter it. It’s only clicking from the map that triggers MSFS to decide to change things. It shouldn’t do that regardless, but my method eliminates that particular worry.

Hi all!
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I’m sorry, I didn’t know… I’ll delete the posts… Thank you.

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@trashmon49 Especially considering the livery I had! But I’m pretty sure weapons don’t work in MSFS, so nothing to fear even if they do show up.

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