Here's a challenge to all freeware aircraft makers

Though I suppose if a payware maker wants to take on one or two of these, that’s okay too. Take a look at this video, and see what your magic coding fingers can come up with. I’d love to try it myself, but unfortunately I couldn’t code my way out of a paper bag if I had instructions, a knife to cut the bag, and a lighter to burn it.

I’ll be certain to include it in my aircraft database so would be users can find it, too!


here is one already ATSimulations Cri Cri - First Look Review! - MSFS 2020 - YouTube

A Flying DeLorean would be nice. And since the sim already has a time and day function. A script can be built to turn the time circuits on, set a date, and fly 88 mph and it instantly change the time and day with some awesome effects.