Here's a thought - Maybe Microsoft could license their world scenery?

Imagine X-Planes flight models and physics with Microsoft’s scenery, clouds and weather… hmmmm

No thanks. Why turn a perfectly fine flight simulator into the current mess FS 2020 has become?

I’d rather imagine X-Plane with Google Earth’s VR scenery.


Imagine MSFS in another 9 years…

Imagine a forum dedicated to MSFS and one for X-Plane…


pwmacbert, I understand some users have big issues, but MSFS is not a mess for me. I’ve had mostly good experiences with MSFS. I do love the scenery, weather and clouds, and I’ve also been an X-Plane user for 5 years or more. Would love to see a combination of the best of those two worlds!

My bet is, that licensing their world “scenery” is one of the major reasons for MSFS in the first place. As a demonstrator for Azure and Bing and other technologies. The market for 3D World mapping etc is huge.

Licensing to X-plane on the other hand, would be small potatoes in comparison, and very likely not even close to worth the cost of doing it. But I have no basis to make that claim other than looking at the potential income.

And why do people keep extolling X-plane’s flight modeling??? Sure, there’s some improvements that can be made to MSFS’s, but, it’s much more extensible than X-Planes old now technology. It’s too bad they took the comparisons of the two flight models out of the SDK.

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