Hey Microsoft..Why can't Xbox get its own version of MSFS? SERIOUSLY WHY?

Why does it have to be ONE version, ONE software program, ONE size fits all?
This is a serious question …does anyone know why it has to be only one version for PC and Xbox?
I understand the reason for offering this to Xbox, I understand the reason having to make changes to “fit it into the Box”. But why destroy the PC Simulator to accommodate this?

Yes the PC Sim needed to be optimized, it was in now way perfect. I ran it on Ultra with a i7-11700K CPU, RTX-3090 GPU, 32g of 3200 RAM w/ dedicated NVMe drive and a 4k Monitor and I had stutters and annoying framerate drops at that worst time (on final approach for example). Increasing multi-core CPU utilization and some culling of scenery not in the FOV definitely increased frame rates. Reducing the load on RAM and increasing the VRAM utilization made it much smoother for me and was an improvement for most PCs. Why not stop there???..issue this as a PC update. Is this impossible to do? Yes? No?
THEN make all the changes necessary for Xbox compatibility (Scenery downgrading, Color changes, over exposure, LOD reduction, Draw distance capping, Giant tool tips, UI navigation changes, Cloud only accessible scenery, Easy mode with AI copilot controlling EVERYTHING, destroying 3rd party Mod compatibility, Instability/CTDs, etc. etc. on and on and on) options.
THEN issue this as the Xbox version? It’s a win win, everybody’s happy. Well Ok, not everybody of course but many more than now.
OR at least a ■■■■ switch to turn all this Xbox stuff off like the Legacy option.
Option 1. PC Flight Simulator
Option 2. Xbox Game



Because that’s how things work. And xbox version is visually downgraded version and adapted to controllers because most people use them as a control device.
PC looks better and they did mazing performance optimizations, i hope they won’t reversed it back.

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So your saying there are 2 versions? Where ?

And in your haste you clearly didn’t comprehend my post, The changes you see in performance would still be there but without the Xbox downgrades.

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I’m not saying this, i’m stating how it is. Console version is visually worse. Performance and graphics are usually the only differences in PC and console versions. everything else is the same and should stay the same. Wouldn’t be fair otherwise. Game runs wonderfully after the update.

i like the sarcasm :slight_smile:


That’s my point IT WOULD STILL RUN GREAT but WITHOUT the Xbox changes. I thought I was clear about that.
And do you own both PC and Console and you can confirm the graphics are different. The TV vs Monitor might be different, but the graphic ARE IDENTICAL. Its the same app.

Because PC and XBOX connect to the same streaming server I guess. That’s probably also the reason why there won’t be multiple versions on PC unless you they let you totally disable the online aspect of it (scenery, PG, weather, multiplayer, market place, challenge scores, logbook, etc.)

Synching across platforms…Yeah good point. Still there has to be a way. You can still keep your logged flights and aircraft, locations, etc. with a common sync file or something.

Because it’s old code being shoehorned into working, this is just reworked FS-X which wasn’t even all new code to begin with.

Because you’d have to have two code bases.

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It’s actually true and it’s a fact with evidence on youtube.

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Evidence of what… that it looks better on a monitor than a TV?
It’s the same app…
Same graphics… resolution will differ, in-game settings will differ but it’s not 2 separate versions

PC users have additional settings unavailable to the XBOX

The graphics are different. Stop imagining things.
Performance was terrible before this update, wasn’t possible to fly larger planes or over bigger cities.

The difference is really noticeable:

On full screen side by side the difference would be even greater. So maybe stop spreading lies and imagining things.
I’ve been flying it after the update and it’s extremely smooth. I don’t want to go back. Current bugs like weather bug will be fixed later. Besides that the game works fine now.
The only thing i am mad about is that they said they’re gonna fix it with a hotfix but they didn’t. Besides that this was the best update for MSFS with biggest improvements.

Evidence is there. You people who complain instead of just enjoying the game always see something bad. This was the case with EVERY SINGLE UPDATE “the graphics got worse, everything’s broken”. In the meantime i enjoy the game and waiting for bug fixes which takes time.
And having two completely sperate version developed separately would be extremely stupid idea. The version are different enough with PC version being more visually impressive and better performance.

It actually IS POSSIBLE to detect whether or not you are running on a console or a PC so there is no reason this can’t be accomplished. I’ve been a developer for 30+ years professionally and mostly Visual Studio development since before VB VC++ 5.0 days through current upcoming VS2022.

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OK…So again your saying there are in fact 2 different versions? Right? You said it 3 times now.

OH i see now, you are messing with me I get it HaHa. I won’t respond further. Thanks for playing

Agree with the question, that is absolutely relevant. Why I have to share the same piece of software with a I9 10900K and a 3080 GPU?
And more important. The simmer of PC in general buy FS with different type of objectives.
It’s a much more mature simmer and don’t buy FS to play as other games, is really a simulation software.

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Yes. I don’t want developers waste time on two different versions. As i said this was the best update so far. Now go and play the game instead complaining, you’ll feel better.


It’s not easy to have 2 versions and make progress with updates that are needed. Code may be added later down the road when a end user can choose the platform they are on which can separate the two, but that can be a lot of work. I had to work with one version of software and had to use parameters in the program based on what the end user was used, but MSFS 2020 is much bigger than I had to deal with. I suspect as time goes one things will get better for pc users while keeping just one version. I am ok with the sim as it is. I notice some changes in graphics but I am ok with it now because the sim preforms pretty well.

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