Hey Microsoft..Why can't Xbox get its own version of MSFS? SERIOUSLY WHY?

And of course we all know that’s not possible with todays technology right? Good point

Oh well, I tried :sob:

What you have said in your opening post is crystal clear, impossible to misunderstand and to me at least, a 100% logical and sensible approach to the development of software for two, entirely different platforms.

If they must co-exist at a network level (though why this is necessary, I can’t understand) then join the two different platforms at a network level only. Leave the two packages entirely seperate. Seperate updates, seperate 3rd party development and seperate communities.

I don’t care as a paying PC customer, if this approach costs MS/ASOBO more money. That is their problem. I just want a flight simulator that is dedicated to the platform that i have chosen to run it on.

no need for 2 versions , in the code there is something like if on xbox do a else if on pc do b easy
so one code can work on different platforms and work different, they have too, because you cannot set graphics on console as on pc.

but better wake up to the reality there are never going to be 2 different versions.

The performance is better no doubt, and I would be lying if i said i didn’t appreciate the increase in FPS. But what made it different from other sims is the emersion effect from unique and spectacular graphics (in old Ultra). That gone it just another flight sim and that disappoints me.

Some say they don’t notice, i can only assume they had lower setting pre SU5 and now its “just as good to them”

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I suggest that this question get put forward as a submission at the next Dev Q&A session, where a more accurate answer can be given than what might be available here on the forums.

Another option is to file a feedback comment directly to Zendesk. Click the support link at the top of the forums.

The thread here has probably run its course.