Hi, can someone know why I'm gpu limited with rtx 3080?

I wonder why the 3080 is clocked at about 75% of what it should be at only 1350 MHz. Power supply wouldn’t be doing that.

Although a 3080 on a 650W power supply is asking for trouble. nVidia recommend a 750W for that card.

It’s probably cos your render scale is set to high.
Have you also checked your gpu is using pcie x16 and not x8 can check this in nvidia control panel then click on help at the top of the page, then system info then scroll down to bus and check the number.

Render scaling above 100 will cause significant FPS and performance loss. I would highly recommend setting it to 100.


Your i5 is the culprit then.

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Download the utility GPU-Z. It will show you exactly what the gpu is doing, including what might be limiting its performance.

People use to neglect the importance of processor clock. I have best figures with a 2080ti but CPU at 5.0 Ghz.

A lot of people also neglect the importance of a recent architecture. There are CPU’s that are years old that can run on 5GHz, but still do bad because of low IPC (instructions per clock).
You need to consider both.

Here’s some interesting info on IPC, comparing different processors all running at 4GHz, the differences are huge.

screenshot taken from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoqnI9jLT9k

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I got now 100 MBit/s and all is fluid after upgrading from ~50 MBit/s.
Sometimes the sever from MS/Asobo is weak and cause stutters.

You could also check the ping. Mine is at 19MS.

Also more multithread cpu workload is expected due the next update.

You are not really GPU limited with a 3080, rather the settings you chose affect the way the CPU is sending info to the GPU to do stuff; get it wrong and the fancy GPU sits around waiting. Ideally you want to have the developer FPS monitor flashing between CPU and GPU limited, so both may be cycling say at 20ms. But that’s only part of the problem. The game at the moment is, for people with high end GPUs, CPU limited and mostly by the main thread that ties all the magic together.

I only have a 1660ti GPU with 6GB of VRAM, but wedded with a Ryzen 5600x and 32 GB of fast RAM that has been manually tuned, I can get a fairly constant 48 FPS on a 1440 monitor in GA aircraft, even over dense PG cities.

I have a careful mixture of Ultra a High settings, but have my rendering scale set to 90%, meaning the game is not rendering native 1440p but is upscaling to it. This makes a big difference to framerates. Dropping down render scaling to 70-80% makes an even bigger difference…I get over 60fps, but the instruments are getting a bit blurry at 70. You make your choices depending on the situation.

Oh and as others have said, it’s instructions per clock cycle, not sheer CPU clock speed that determines, along with other timing/cache trickery, how much stuff gets done per second.

Why do you have an I5 paired with a 3080. Do yourself a favor and grab a 10900k or 10850k

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Which app are you using for that telemetry of hardware stats?