Hi Everyone...! Looking for friends

My MSFS name is ExposedRaptor15, based in Australia, my first experience with msfs was back in 1998 with Microsoft Simulator 95, but since then i haven’t been very much involved. Now, I’m super excited to have the opportunity again with MSFS2020. I’m new, less than a week,

I would really love to be part of a group or to have friends here for multiplayer.
Please feel free to add me as friend …
Thank you …!!!


First off here on the forums we have the Community Fly-In Events , Great place to fly with others, 2nd I would join the official MSFS 2020 discord , good place to hang different channels and maybe meet some others. 3rd Maybe consider other options like a virtual airline or one of the Online Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Networks! Like VATSIM.

Add me , I’ll be your firend :slight_smile: and anytime I am flying you will be able to see me and I you at the main menu , on the map.


Thanks for your time…!!! Very much appreciated…!!

I am looking for Flight Freinds as well Add me MaxwellFischea

I have tried and tried to join discord but get the same message over and over that says my email is already registered, which it isn’t. ANy help?

New to flight sim im from gilbert az lookin for friends to the last ver of flight sim i played was in 1986 when i was a kid
ive sent friend requests to some of you guys my screename in flightsim is Lordhumungus394

I like Monty Python