Hi i have a question (install / update loop)

like I’ve been waiting for mfs2020 to install the 112 gip from yesterday and it downloaded 2 me then the game suddenly stopped and then when i exit the game and came back i was surprised that i have another 97.87gib update like im new 2 this game im just confused :sweat_smile:

Ignore that. I assume you are reading the first line in the “installed modules” list. It usually appears a couple of days before an update.

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like i didn’t understand how i can ignore it sorry for my stupidity :sweat_smile:

I have absolutely no idea what that means LOL! :slight_smile:

Are you ok now @aricut3?

To me it sounds like you only downloaded 14 gib and the download stopped for some reason. When you relaunched the sim it still had 97.87 gib to go. The figure on the left is whats left and if you have to restart the installation it should be a smaller value which it is.

Just keep trying until it’s installed. Alt F4 if you have to and relaunch the sim - it will pickup from where it left off.

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Me bad! I was referring to this:

Obviously not the problem so… ignore my post instead.

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i got the same since a couple of days ago (from 27th Oct or so), and it appears when an update is imminent.

I got the same before 1.9.5 was launched and once the sim was updated it vanished.

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I agree that the wording is very confusing.
It should be worded just like the other parts of the content manager, “Up to Date” unless there is an update ready to download.

Yep the Content Manager isn’t very friendly - It needs filters so you can see content which needs updating. It would also be nice to have the update running outside the sim. Hopefully it will get improved and these issues addressed.

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I get that too. I’ve always ignored it! The Content Manager can’t even be accessed directly unless you go to content you own. I’m sure all this is being worked on.

lol im still updating and 54 gip left like the update is rlly slow and i keep restarting the game when it stuck in 4gip ughh i was rlly exited

Yeah it can be frustrating, keep at it :slight_smile:. The game updates are a lot smaller once the full game is installed.

In the meantime you can have a look at the game guides here.

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tysm for the help

Hi @aricut3, welcome to the forums! I made a small edit to your post subject to make it a little more descriptive. Were you able to get everything working properly?

i sloved everything thank u guys for helping :heart::heart:

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Good to hear that

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